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Everyone is disconnected but me? But I'm still connected?

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  • Everyone is disconnected but me? But I'm still connected?

    So, my game is having this issue where I begin to, lets say 'Disconnect' from everyone with the label of 'Network Error' on everyone on the room. I have no idea. I checked over my router, modem, etc, no issues detected and I still continue to have this. Every single player in the room stands still. I figured it's from the game.

    I made some tests with my friends and they say I look fine and I can hit people. I can't even read chats if they talk but they can see me chat. But the issue was that they can't damage or hit me? So it became a hide n seek bug for me. I didn't want to further abuse this. I did play it off a bit hoping it would slide, but so far it has not. I've been kicked from a couple of rooms for this instance. I can say I'm technically blind from the match. It basically makes me invincible. I don't want it.

    It always happens every 2 matches I play on the same room. I have to leave now and then every time to avoid it happening. I'm kind of sick getting kicked from Raid Rooms for being unable to see and being uncooperative.

    I was wondering if anyone else had this kind of uh weird problem perhaps?

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    I Also have such an issue with this game. For whatever reason this game likes to discconet me all the time regardless of the fact that I am not having issues with my wifi. You're not the only one so don't worry.