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[Audio] Under Light, In Darkness - Chapter 0 (Demo)

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  • [Audio] Under Light, In Darkness - Chapter 0 (Demo)

    Hello there. This is merely a taste of things to come! Right now, I have only an audio sample of an excerpt of paragraphs 1 and 2. It's quite short but it's in audio form so there's that. I plan on uploading the entire story in this way---in due course all be it. Here and now I'll also provide a written sample so that you can read along.

    Written Form:

    Cold and soulless was the zephyr that howled across the battle-torn landscape, sickly and somberly did it whistle over that lowly, blood soaked meadow. Ever silent was the deathly earth below, absent from its grounds was any song of victors, any psalm of elated triumph. All those who might hold opinion and give word to the silence were now one with the silence, eaten up by the embrace of oblivion, lulled away by the sleep of death. Each soul fallen upon the ground proved to be a petal of the tomb, a wilted bloom of the grave. Yes, silence and silence. Sojourning heavenward were clouds grey and black, dark with held back tears of heaven; their sick and sleepy bellowing flowed onward upon their aimless, lost course. And no smile did the sky have to offer, no luciferous needle of hope, and no relief from the darkness to eyes could it bestow—a celestial prison was it! Yes, silence and silence.

    The aftermath of a ravenous war—a holy war—was what it proved to be, the quiet fruitage of a great and tumultuous conflict; a fray that ravaged throughout the stars. Yes, no longer upon this planet was there any heartbeat, no germ and growth, and no genesis. Looming high above the site of long hushed combat and even further beyond the very clouds themselves, was the vast-in-form cosmic ring that encircled that dying sphere of a planet! Joined by fading, colorless stars, the picture of heaven above only bespoke death and the fading away of life. However, before the last of breaths would be cast out and before the strength of all failed, one last charge would this conflict produce—and its offspring would carry on even to future generations!

    Tell me what you think! Don't be afraid to venture into being critical; I need it.
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