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The true Lost Saga - who/where of OGP LS's most fearsome group, the Slappy D's

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  • The true Lost Saga - who/where of OGP LS's most fearsome group, the Slappy D's

    Far in the past, in the glory days of Lost Saga, there stood 1 group that had full control of every asset of Lost Saga. Feared as God's, they controlled the forum with an iron fist of insults that could crush a mans soul, and in-game they had feared sentinels that would frustrate and destroy every player. After LS moved to WeMade, they left too, for bigger and better games. No one knew where these fabled heroes went, but now you'll know cuz ill tell u

    they trapped, they trolled, they flamed, they are naul, drake, aenoud, and calvis

    the slappy d's

    ogp name: naul/kaoisen/kaoboie/other autistic stuff
    real life name: phung shu-way

    the leader of the slappy d's, naul as he was best known, was an enigma. how could 1 man be so obsessed with korean k-pop idol, Jay-oon? ruling the slappy d's with an iron fist, he took out his frustration of not being born in korea on the members of OGP ls. he was known to have over 200 banned accounts, 198 of them being on the LS forums, and to have left and re-joined slappy d's over 300 times.

    after OGP LS was gone, he moved on to bigger and better things. he moved to korea and married k-pop idol Jay-oon. that was a joke, hes just in college partying &s tuff

    picture of him:

    ogp name: drakeres/drake
    real life name: science guy

    known as the only man who could stand naul/kaoisen/kaoboie/learn how to spell cow, drakeres was the brains behind the operation. amassing an IQ of over 300,000, drake is obviously the smartest man to have ever existed, and his aggregate IQ is greater than that of all the quantum particles in the universe. he single handedly proved the existence of the higgs boson, then DISPROVED it an hour later, being the only man to ever do so.

    truly, drake is a legend and pioneer of science. just yesterday, he spent 18 hours tweaking his Dark Knight's looks on black desert online.

    picture of him:

    (hes both of them)

    ogp name: aenoud, roy
    real life name: saint west

    known as the most fearsome flamer and troll to ever exist. his troll power level was equal to that of 6,000 13 year olds. in-game, he was known as the phantom flamer, carrying teams and calling out trash for who they are. the first man to achieve GOLS skill level, he pioneered many of lost sagas greatest skill tree sets, the TKM-DMR-VS trifecta. thinking NALS was too casual, he moved to korea where he was known as Quixote, and carried the Korean team to 1 v 3 the na teams.

    after OGP LS, aenoud/roy couldnt cope with the fact that he was the only member of slappy d's to not be born in the asian continent. he travelled to mt himalaya, where he meditated on the top for 420 daysa nd 69 nights. after achieving nirvana, he saw the universe for what it really was. separating his soul from his body, he reincarnated as Kanye West's son, Saint West. he now spends his days eating, stunting, and pooping his diaper.

    picture of him:

    ogp name: calvis, scottpilgrim
    real life name: arabian prince, lord saudi arabia (his name is saudi arabia, duuuuuude)

    the founder of the slappy d's, he was usurped because he left to chill with other groups. after returning, he just does stuff i guess idkl lol

    picture of him:
    ho cares

    there u have it, folks. the legends and pioneers of OGP LS, get educated u newgen trash
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    As an OGP oldgen, the facts check out. A handy representation of our missing heroes! For all your LS background needs!


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      ho care
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