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Remember OGPlanet?

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  • Remember OGPlanet?

    This is what happened to them when they lost Rumble Fighter and Lost Saga.
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    A sad day indeed.
    Almost as sad a day as this one:

    The "bang" always gets me.


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      omg that video was crazy

      we gave them plazza's
      even tho thats why we have lagg issues

      its so funny and sad at the same time


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        Careful Member Berries are addicting.Is OGP still around? I gave up on them after they dropped 6 titles in a 1 year span.I still miss the treasure capsules that were 10 cents each. They gave out a ton of cool items in it too.
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          Lol at that video. I do remember the good ol' days.


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            Speaking of OG Planet, that one game, Zone 4 Fight District? It's live once again but on steam.



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              Lol I tried to log on my old account last week and to my surprise it said they banned me back in 2011 for chargeback fraud.... I only ever used game cards back then. Needless to say, it's been a long time since I played anything on OGP. ... I think I was deployed in 2011 lol. Oh well... Their games all suck now anyway.
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