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Current State of OGP?

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  • Current State of OGP?

    What is the current state of OGP right now?
    Also what was the whole reason Lost Saga had to transfer from OGP?

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    They've lost literally every game ever except LaTale, which I can't understand how it's still going on.

    They have TalesRunner and UWO, which, TalesRunner is plagued with this DDoS'ing autistic 12 year old who has the OGP servers at his mercy, so OGP can't do **** all about that.
    UWO looks interesting, but it's not my cup of tea. Not sure why anyone would be interested in TalesRunner either.

    They got a FPS game called Metro Conflict, which, was released shortly after they lost Dizzel. Because Dizzel's Devs straight up shut shop. They didn't go bankrupt. The CEO was like, **** this project, it's not doing well. Then the CEO canned every outer region contract, terminating every non-Dev-published version. CEO literally could have stopped Dev production and rolled in royalties. Nah, can all versions of the game.

    Uhh, they've gone through a few dime a dozen Mobile Games which aren't worth mentioning.

    Literally a nobody company honestly now.

    *Tin Foil* (because people think this is the "least reasonable" theory)
    My personal belief is that, no conspiracy aside, that WeMadeUSA was purposefully made prior to OGP (check the dates) tanking and hitting the drought era, so that the Devs could initiate a reduced content payload and delivery to reduce sales, and hit monetary clauses within the contract they had between them. After that occurred, the Devs "legally" refused to continue service with OGP. Now, the issue is, Devs wouldn't have owned the data. OGP had the data, and, to be honest, the Devs killed the game for them. So they financially hostaged it, which, honestly, WeMadeUSA clearly didn't give a damn about, seeing as they promised "compensation" which they oversold, then proceeded to lie to everyone. To be honest, WeMadeUSA was filled with Chronic liars.


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      I play Talesrunner and I'm looking for some friends to play it with me. OGP has banned Pokemoan, the hacker that has been ddos'ing the server. They got better at countering the attacks. They removed all his experience points so now he's gone from the top of the leaderboard to the bottom. Server hasn't had any problems since. There's an update tonight. I'll post a link to the thread about Moan's banning along with some players associated with him.

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        I play TalesRunner, level 77 one more and next rank, but i play in nexon


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          Ddos is kidding program so f*

          We need..


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            Current State of OGP?

            OGP) is a multilateral initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from national and subnational governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance. In the spirit of multi-stakeholder collaboration, OGP is overseen by a Steering Committee including representatives of


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              So, I was trying to access the site this week, but kept finding the site unreachable. After the first time, I no longer thought that the site was "just down for maintenance." I looked around, and lo and behold, OGP lost their last game, Uncharted Waters Online (to Papaya Play, the same company behind the new LaTale server, which OGP also lost) on September 29th, after which they took their site offline and are seemingly defunct now.

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                OGP lost all of their Prime games (Albatross18, Cabal, Rumble Fighter, Lost Saga, and La Tale). When these 5 got axed OGP was then struggling. I remember over the course of 1 year see 3 games get the axe from OGP: Hevaclonia, That hokey game, and Gundogs (I think it is called), and this was the realization that Uncharted and La Tale will soon follow. In the end I was right to leave OGP after they lost Hevaclonia. Because they couldn't hold onto any of their games they were putting out on their platform.

                I knew to quit La Tale on OGP because I knew that would go as well. Now I am not surprised if their site got axed as well. "If you play hot potato with an explosive make sure you are not the last one holding it."

                RIP OGP. That'll do OGP, that'll do. =3

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                  Lost Saga > NO TRANSFERS to new publisher (WeMade)
                  Rumble Fighter > NO TRANSFERS to new publisher (GC Games)
                  La Tale > NO TRANSFERS to new publisher (Papaya Play)

                  I'm sensing a pattern here...
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