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From an Old Lost Saga Player, to Z8, with Love...

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  • From an Old Lost Saga Player, to Z8, with Love...

    (Unfortunately, this is my first--and last--post here on these forums.)
    Let me make this clear; I've been a huge fan of this game since 2008~9. I've played it in its "golden age", never truly gotten a permanent anything until a few days before OGPlanet tossed the game aside, and the community was pretty okay at that point. But after all of these years of moreover dedication, I'm afraid that I can no longer handle the toxicity of this game. Now, I will not go on a tirade about all of the issues I've had to come across in all of my years of playing, in fact, I won't mention anything beyond this level of vagueness; for this is how players treat one another on there.
    I have poured a little bit of money in the mid-point, in the hopes of finding a suitable means to combat what the community considers to be the "meta", however, all creative attempts have all been in vain, mostly due to every new countermeasure or overpowered piece of gear is always locked behind a paywall. This game taught me that even the nicest people can be quite cruel and overly hostile to others; especially when those that are being virtually bullied before their eyes. The initial groups of us that thought this game was amazing were eventually bullied out by this "meta"...until I remained. I kept trying and trying, even pulled some bonafide luck a couple of times. But obviously, quantity beats creativity.
    Though this post doesn't seem that long, I just wanted to thank the Game Moderators and the Devs--both new and retired--for a systematic MMO that gave me a few genuine moments of happiness, and I just wish this place didn't have to fade out into obscurity and toxicity so fast. If posting this was wrong for me to do, then it'll surely be deleted at a moment's notice...and, even if I don't get hit by a metaphysical ban hammer...I'm probably not coming back anyways. Not until either this community--and the devs--fix this abusable "meta". Thank you, and may we see each other in the next life.

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    Hello Everybody


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        lost saga is a good game but z8games is doing their upmost best to run it; ruin it
        W> for weekly updates, more gm interaction, foreigner flood removal/prevention


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          Originally posted by NotSquirel View Post
          lost saga is a good game but z8games is doing their upmost best to run it; ruin it
          That is true bro,z8games should do their best to make their game greater and greater..