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    Yeah.. it's been a long time since I even made these type of stuff but I figured I might as well do the darn thing even though I've been playing this game for many years.

    Hello everybody, the name's Xeno and it's my first time (probably, I can't remember) getting into the fourms to express myself and share my interests with anybody who might also be interested as well. Things changed since the last time I played the game it's.. a bad experience from 2015 but my heart still goes for this game.

    I've been playing Lost Saga since the good ol days of OGPlanet and in the other places it was in till here. Personally I don't exactly like Z8 but long as the game is still fun for me I can come back around in ease. I main Death Knight, Flash, Outboxer,

    ​​​​​My ign is XenoCard if you wish to play with me but regardless of stuff in the past, the only thing I genuinely want here is just to have fun and make some new acquaintances.

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    Welcome aboard!


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      Cant find your name


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        hi! I'm also new here
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