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  • A little tale

    I used to play Lost Saga years ago when it was owned by OG, I loved it and spent tons of time on it, I was a bit crass sometimes but built a good group of friends and spent about 70 a month on it.

    I got to the point where I owned almost every current char out, newest being sol, I took a small break after that, returned to game on my bday to find it banned for chargeback something, for 7 of w/e their currency was, I was spending quite a bit, well for the time, it irked me and I fired a angry response asking what happened and after ages was told about the charge back fraud or w/e and was perm banned from gambit some free offer thing, I never did any of those and it ticked me off, I stopped playing any of their games.

    I came to Z8 fresh not knowing if a banned account would even show for a transfer, I stuck around for a lil bit till my pc died, I am really just ranting here and explaining why if you ever meet me in game I won't be a happy camper, spending that much back then..... getting banned.... Gah, anywho willing to give the game another chance, got a decent lappy and a ton of time.

    Hope to see people in game, sorry about the rant.

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    Originally posted by Brieareos View Post
    I came to Z8 fresh not knowing if a banned account would even show for a transfer
    You missed an entire publisher for the game. After OGP, WeMadeUSA owned the NA publishing for the game, for which there was no transferring of data. Everyone had to start over. There was only a transfer of data for WeMadeUSA->Z8Games. Funnily enough, I do think that accounts banned on WMUSA's server were unbanned throuh the transfer.
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      I forgot about wemade, I was in it for a little bit all the freebies they gave no1 wanted to give em a chance and I just quit, then came back again when z8 got it, quit again and came back just now, I do not stay hooked on this game long it seems. Still has quite a few issues that it has had since ogp days, so yeah you are right, it was wemade 2nd, just did not leave a huge impression on me, so I forgot about them.


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        WeMade was pretty questionable, more often then not we got broken patches and support was just utter chaos.

        However, data migration was heckle awesome from them at least. I got to keep my Lv. 40 Medic.
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