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Advise on hero and gear to buy

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  • Advise on hero and gear to buy

    Can you give me advice on gear and heroes to buy?

    I don't mind spending money on this game just need advice.

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    Some good heros you can help use too keep up with the heavy unique meta are:

    As mainline fighters: Crow, Hades, Dark Knight, F-Saber
    Most of these require alot of practice too keep up with the heavy unique meta but have very nice utility and combo strings.

    Supports/Ranges/Utility: Cowboy Evo, Tao Evo, Fire Mage Evo, Energy Researcher, Alice

    Cowboy evo is very good for extended combos/dmg on downed enemies, Tao evo is nice for some range spam if use properly, Fire Mage evo is good too use for both combos and charging weapon skills. If you didn't know most mages if you hold the attack button you can charge weapon skills faster. Energy Researcher is good for some combos and ranging; like knocking a strider off map/down when they trigger wep. Alice is a niche pick but to be honest if you learn her utility shes good for; good ranged coverage, breaking strider weapon skills, and juggles.

    Gears: too many too explain.

    This is all in my opinion and i am certain i didnt include some other good heros just cause this is off the top of my head. If you'd like some tips/tai lopez knawledge in game feel free to pm me and i can help give you the rundown. I tried to not include rare heros due to the fact they are a limited time offer but alot of rares are useful.
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      For starters which heroes do you want to play?

      This was posted a while back and will give you a good idea on where the characters roughly stack up.

      You can still do quite well against some meta with most A and B rank heroes, they just require more mastery and effort.

      As for gears passives are good.
      TKD helm, Baek helm, elio sling & rolling, Arcane robe, and so on
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