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A Beginner's Guide to Defensive Tactics

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  • A Beginner's Guide to Defensive Tactics

    Continuing on with my guides for beginners, here is the latest addition: Defensive Tactics

    I apologize for the um's, ah's and pauses, I'm not the best at recording while playing, but nonetheless I hope this video with help you die less quickly in the world of lost saga

    I've tried to make it short and concise so that it's not too boring to watch, but still include the necessary info.

    If you have a topic in specific you would like for me to make a guide about, let me know in-game, through forums, or through youtube. Enjoy!

    In summary:
    - Master deflects & counters (good way to practice counters is by performing a "counter train"; check description of video)
    - Know all recoveries and what they do
    - Sometimes jumping is better because it saves damage
    -Gears have startup times and invincibility frames, use this to your advantage.
    IGN: zetix
    Youtube Channel: