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How does one get these "unique heroes"?

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  • How does one get these "unique heroes"?

    Just came back from a long time of not playing, found out about two new characters, Strider and Jin Sasinmu, I'm more interested in Jin S. than anything else in this entire game, how does one get these characters? I know Jin isn't in NALS yet ( Saw him from a KLS 1v1 video ), but I know Strider is, however I didn't find any way to buy him, he wasn't in the shop or anything like that. I found out that these two new characters are some type of new "Unique" character type or something like that. I was wondering, how does one get these, and how much do they cost, etc etc. If anyone could tell me that'd be great. Looking to buy Jin when he releases on NALS, so I'd like to have a price to be able to know so that when he gets announced or something I'd be able to prepare to buy him.

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    Strider has already been released but if you buy the Haunted Hero scroll, there is a chance you could get Strider. Here's a link just in case you don't believe me:

    Also it's nerfed but still fun to use at SD(Sudden Death).

    And as for the price, there really isn't a price, a Unique hero is released in events, it's not put into shop for people to buy. Like Strider was released through a Dev K coin event.
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      I believe you can earn uniques and rares from monster dungeons too.
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