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What's a good Evo to use?

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  • What's a good Evo to use?

    I'm looking for a good evo to use because everyone have at least one evo hero.

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    Robin Hood if you want a ranged hero (the most annoying to fight evo), Death Knight if you want a melee hero (ground hits, long combos) and Fire Mage if you want a mage (meteor spam and fire circles).
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      Get Robin Evo as your first.

      If stated correctly and "had some experience" with it already.

      It can stand up to today's hero with some minor adjustments.

      170+ Attack.
      Galaxy Robe/ Arcanist Robe/ Safety Armor
      Lucifer Helm/ Musketeer Helm ( don't know the best, but this should be the cheapest option ). if you have gears go Safety Helmet if playing defensive.
      Backshield/ Safety Trinket. SO ANNOYING

      But IMO I like Fire Mage more.

      Jump attack spam with Hold attack meteors is fun.
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        Any evolved hero is fine, just don't go full blown max evolution.
        Never go full [evo].
        Once you go full [evo], you never go back for all the wrong reasons.


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          ......Robin Hood... <3


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            Robin Hood evo or Fire Mage evo but if you want to snipe people, i'd recommend using Musketeer evo :3
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              robin for range evo i mainly use it for boss/raid mode but its good in matches/ musket for long range combat/ fire mage is also nice because the hold d charges wep skill thoes are my best range suggestions
              if your looking for a mele evo its just personal opinion
              dk is what most people have but i think tao is over all better has better nockback ez edges wep skill is a ground recovery but its a lot to choose from best of luck to you