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    Hello there,

    I am usually not one to use the forums for games but in this case I find it rather cumbersome to find decent members who are active in the community.
    The guild name itself is a tribute to OGPlanet and the times I've had there with my friends. The name may be changed depending on the feedback I receive towards it.

    As for the actually requirements to join they are the following:

    * Be Active (We all have lives outside of games so it's understandable if you can't always get on)

    * Faction Battle! There is currently a 50 FP requirement which is ridiculously easy but that will soon change once I recruit more members.

    * Be Chill, You don't have to be a pro to play with us, just be cool and you'll do fine.

    * There is no rank requirement although most guilds have them I am really looking for people who can play the game but also just relax at times.

    * Be Mature, This shouldn't honestly need to be said but I have a zero tolerance for disrespect towards other players as it is completely unnecessary and unwanted.

    Faction Prizes are currently in the works along with an HQ.

    Faction Prizes at the moment are structured as so;

    Member with the highest FP - T1 Prize

    Member with the 2nd highest FP - T2 Prize

    Member with the 3rd highest FP - T3 Prize

    Prizes will most likely be set in the future however they are always subject to change, but to give you an idea of how the might run here's a quick breakdown.

    T1 - 10K-15K ZP

    T2 - 5K-10K ZP

    T3 - 1K-5K ZP

    There will also most likely be events setup in the future between other guilds and within the guild itself with its own set of possible prizes.

    Please keep in mind that all of this is very much so a work in progress. but feel free to make some recommendations.

    If you're interested in joining add me in game, my in-game name is SmokeScreen.

    I look forward to playing with you all

    Have a good one ~!