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  • Neo Guild Tournment!

    This guild tournament well be hosted by Neosaga and DragonHeart. This guild tournament well be for fun even while it consists of prizes of perm hero's and perm gears of the winner's choice.
    The tournament well consist of a 3 man team with the option of back up players as no buff is allowed.
    there will be no stun swapping
    no draining
    and certainly no trash talking(unless in a friendly playful manner).

    Ally guilds and any other invited guild are welcome to participate as long as you have proof you were invited. to show proof your guilds name will be written on another forum with the other participates or it will be the guilds info page declaring they are going to participate.
    The tournament will have refs watching over each match they will keep track of winning and losing team. they will also be using a fouls, 3 fouls for any team, that team will be disqualified.
    If you are interested in participating please contact Eltigerfang or RailTracerVino OR you could just leave a comment of your name and guild.

    The tournament will be on December 4th ( so yall do have time to prepare and cancel other plans just in case)
    It will start around 4pm Eastern time and 1pm Pacific team. Any questions and concerns please leave a comment below.

    Here are some Q&A that we thought would help you at the moment.
    Q:Question: Can an ally guild's member be apart of another guild's team or does each team have to have only their guild members apart of it?

    A:Yes but only one member of the team. One of the refs wanted an all guild team to avoid conflict and we agreed atm but we thought we could lighten the rule a little bit.
    So yes but if that one member causes enough trouble that whole team may leave or get a foul.

    Q:Question: Is there a limit to how many teams per Guild can enter? Like if 6 members from 1 guild wanted to participate. And they form 2 teams (3vs3) representing 1 guild.

    A:That is allowed yes. Just make sure you have back ups cause if one person cant attend the whole team will be disqualified. please note you may switch out the whole team if necessary
    just as long as they represent your guild. yes there is a limit of two teams per guild though.

    I will post th current teams participating( please note I will be editing this as time goes by)

    TEAM 1
    Guild Name: Duelist

    Man 1: Dewm
    Man 2: -King Ken-
    Man 3: -eve-

    Back up's: Yaoi-

    TEAM 2
    Guild name: Brown Eye Soul

    1 -Hazku
    2 -LordTheory-
    3 Resky

    Back up- shinobii

    TEAM 3
    Man 1: El tigerfang
    Man 2: Sylamizu
    Man 3: iiiBaSeLii
    Back up : Dalegendary1

    TEAM 4
    Man 1:JulianKonzern
    Man2: xYuki-Chanx
    Man3: LunarBunny(redmisery guild)
    Back up: KlausDaBaus

    TEAM 5
    Guild: Dragonheart
    Man1: -Rico-
    Man2: RailTracerVino
    Man3: Junkman
    Back up: HonestKiller, Danksen Pai

    TEAM 6
    Guild: Dragonheart 2
    Back up:N/A

    TEAM 7
    Back up:N/A
    Back up:N/A

    Team 8
    BAck up:Phroyyo

    Team 9
    Back up:N/a

    Team 10
    Back up:N/A

    Thank you for joining.
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    Team Match Ups

    Duelist vs Dragonheart

    NeosagaEX vs DemonBushido

    Dragonheart2 vs Brown Eye Soul

    Crooks vs Popularity

    SteelBeams vs Neosaga
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