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  • Good While It Lasted.

    Don't judge my grammar pls :^)

    So, guys, I have been playing lost saga since ogp and over the years this game has given me the best moments and laughs, but I think this game has become like a toxic relationship between two lovers that is trying to hold on to something that needs to end.. basically what I'm saying is as a community we need to let this game just die out. I absolutely love this game, but it's like the game is doing so bad right now it's embarrassing I wouldn't recommend this game to no one right now, it's absolutely horrible. If the game was to come back with a new host of course ill play it, but right now this gaming is just holding on by the few people still putting money in which I understand you don't want the game to die but sometimes you just got to let good things come to an end before it ruins you and I think its really getting to that point.. like cmon why are my skill and passive signs at the bottom of my screen not even for the hero I'm using,, why does hacker have a Santa hat on etc etc etc.. the list of problems in our server is way to long and they've been wrong for wayyyy to long... :sadface:

    I'm not saying we should boycott the game, but idk something needs to happen

    I would like to see others opinions, because its just like I don't want any actual new players to experience this LS its really sad and embarrassing, I want LS to be best it can be idk : shrugs shoulders: LOL yea I'm def in my feelings over the game
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    If Z8 were to lose LS I don't see another company picking up the game. Even if another company did pick it up the dev team we have doesn't seem care to the point it feels like they don't even want use to have access to the game as it is. If I feel the game is getting toxic I take a break; sometimes for a days, sometimes for months. Eventually I come back for a little while and play, usually in rooms with 'rules' that ban a lot of the things people consider toxic. It helps keep the game fun, at least for me. Not sure how much Z8 pushes our dev team for fixes, but I wouldn't get hopes up for the errors to stop coming in.
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      People have been talking like this for years. Enjoy the game while it lasts. All things must come to an end. It doesn't make sense to force a game to end. What does that accomplish besides ending a game you'd still have on your mind when it's gone? You sound burnt out. If you can't stand the state it's in, just don't play. Take your mind off of it or delete your account/characters and don't look back. Simple as that. Some people still enjoy it, even in the state it's in. When it ends, it ends. Sorry to break it to you, but I doubt another company would take up this game.


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        on the topic of stupid and broken things that annoy people
        can z8 kick the server hamster back into gear? its not running as quickly on its wheel anymore and its gotten to the point where i cant play without using a hero with massive and busted hitboxes, guessing where my teleporting opponent is only to find myself getting knocked into the air despite having, on my screen, very clearly hit them.
        c'mon now :[
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