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Hero Design Contest! - Winners Announced

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  • Hero Design Contest! - Winners Announced

    Greetings Mercenaries! We are proud to announce that we will be holding an Unofficial Hero Design contest!

    Here are some of the things we will be looking for:

    - Unique designs / Original content
    - A Name and short backstory. Every Hero needs one.
    - Hero abilities Q-W-E-R (Passive and Hold D can be added if you wish however not necessary)
    - Main weapon
    - Armor

    To participate, simply reply to this thread.

    Here is an example of a very simple submission:

    Hero Name - Game Master
    Main Weapon - Keyboard
    Side Weapon (Not Necessary) - Mouse
    Armor - Business Casual
    Backstory - Game publisher got sucked into the computer screen and came out of the Time Gate with only his Mouse and Keyboard.
    Q - Keyboard Smash - Spins in a circle and hits all enemies nearby with a keyboard. After 3x spins, leaps forward and smashes the keyboard onto the ground damaging all enemies in the area.
    Q with Mouse as weapon - Stuns enemy by throwing the mouse cord like a lasso around a target.
    W - The OLD 1-2 - Activate to switch between weapons. Keyboard (Melee) and Mouse (Melee with extended basic attack range)
    E - Delay Update - Gives enemies nearby 'Cannot Operate' for 3s. This forces the players effected to relog after the match.
    R - Ban Hammer - Bring out a huge Hammer and swings a maximum 6x. If hit 3x, you will be banned temporarily.

    Here is another example from a previous Hero Design contest held in one of the other regions.

    As long as you have answered the things above, you are free to add whatever you feel is necessary for your submission!

    Contest Timeline:

    Entry submissions OPEN - August 18th
    Entry submissions CLOSED - September 14th at 3pm Eastern Time
    Winners Announcement - September 15th


    1. Only (1) submission per user. Multiple entries will be ignored past the first entry.

    2. Any submissions that are considered offensive or lewd will be terminated from the competition and the user may receive a ban.

    3. Any contestant caught plagiarizing will be disqualified - original designs only!

    4. Designs will be judged on creativity, detail, and overall uniqueness.


    1st. 75,000 ZP + Hero(Only those that have been already released on LSNA) of your choice and its full +10 gear set.
    2nd. 50,000 ZP + Stranger
    3rd. 30,000 ZP + Stranger
    4th&5th. 20,000 ZP

    Participants - 100,000 GP Each + Unique Gear Chest

    Here are your winners for the Hero Design Contest!

    1st - Zodd (Gatsha)
    2nd - Ayumi (Gambler)
    3rd - 9xkitsu (Valset)
    4th - SliesSocks (Blacksmith)
    5th - Slyde (Sky Pirate Kid)

    Our official winners announcement will be made next week along with our prize distribution.

    Zodd, please submit a ticket listing the hero of your choice.

    Once again, we will forward the winner to our developers however, there is no guarantee that the Hero will be made. Fingers crossed!

    -Lost Saga Team
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      Hero: Otherworld Gunner / Magic Gunner
      Type: Ranged
      Weapon: A Magic Gun. Four Magic gems embedded in the gun, lets him use Fire, Ice, Light, and Dark Attributed attacks, and magic.
      Armor: A sleek looking half jacket with a hood, sleeves rolled up, and 4 major pieces of armor. A magma gauntlet, an Ice Golemn Hand, and Holy and Dark leg armor.
      Helmet: Burn scars a glass eye. The scars only cover the top half of his head.
      Trinket: A mantle consisting of two thin pieces of shoulder armor, and a near pitch black but slightly opaque cape made of dark energy. There are also two small patches of this material under the shoulder armor.


      Helmet Skill: My Left Eye Unleashed!
      Type: Buff

      Magic Gunner activates his Glass Eye (which is actually a very powerful magic gem with the power of all 4 elements) This causes him harm--dealing about the same amount of Self Damage as Dark Shaman's helmet skill. But, instead of charging skills like Dark Shaman helm, it gives you a massive Speed and Attack boost. Most imoprtantly however, it gives him unlimited ammo for a brief period of time. (This aspect of the skill only works for Magic Gunner / Otherworld Gunner. Much like how Wind Runner armor charges Wind Runners Passive, but not any other hero.)

      Despite the armor equipped, MG's hood and a special and intimidating Eye Glow appear when the skill is active.

      Armor Skill: (Desrcribed in one of the pictures attached below)

      Trinket: Angels Ascent / Shadow Runner / Frigid Palace
      Type: Active, Recovery

      Depending on the key pressed after activating the skill, a different effect occurs.

      Angels Ascent: If you press Jump, you jump incredibly high, and get slow fall / glide for a few seconds. This version of the skill partners very well with the Weapon Skill.

      Shadow Runner: If you press Attack, Magic Gunner shrouds itself in its cloak, spreading out a pitch black cloud of smoke. Magic Gunner and nearby allies in the cloud are given Invisibility, and a speed boost. Magic Gunner himself gets a major speed boost, and 1.5 ~ 3 seconds of Invincibility. While allies affected by the cloud are given 1 second of invisibility, and a small speed boost.

      Frigid Palace: If you press block, Magic Gunner shrouds itself in its cloak, and "turtles up". (Lays on the ground and balls up) A small ice castle / igloo appears around him, and acts as a shield for 3 ~ 5 hits. The Castle / Igloo is big enough to walk one or two steps in, and can be used to trap an enemy if its close enough upon activation.

      (Original drawing / concept of this trinket is at the bottom of this post)

      Weapon Skill: Otherworld Ammo:
      Type: Active, Air use

      Magic Gunner pulls out its Glass Eye Magic gem, and uses it as ammo for his gun. This puts you into shooting mode, you can either do 1 of 2 things.

      Shoot a super charged version of each shot (except darkness) , or one mega powerful hold D darkness beam.

      When in weapon skill shooting mode:

      Pressing D: Will fire a huge fireball, knocking down and putting flame status on all enemies it hits.

      Pressing A: Will fire a light bullet into the air , which will then cause 10+ holy rays to rain down in a circle around Magic Gunner. Same AOE circle as Demonblades weaopn skill.

      Pressing S: Will emit a wide, but short range blast of cold energy. Immediately freezing all targets hit. (A freezing shotgun in other words)

      Holding D: Will fire a gigantic dark laser that hits multiple times, like Engineer weapon skill hold D. But with a wider spread, and it does much more damage. It whoever, leaves the user vulnerable after it. as they take a moment to breath heavily after the skill ends.

      The weapon skill can be used in the air, but it ONLY does the hold D, directly down. So you fire a giant death laser direcly downwards. If you use the Trinket skills Jump variant to jump really high into the air, and then use the wep skill--the enemy would never see it coming.


      Some story I missed out on in the image below: The "Goddess" that summoned MG and its friends wasn't really a good goddess. She alongside the Demon King summoned them for their entertainment. In fact, the way the weapons and armor they were given were designed was also for their entertainment. If they were to backstab and steal each others weapons / armor, it would make them stronger.

      After being backstabbed by his friends, he's then kicked into a dungeon filled with monsters and is forced to fight for survival. Its hell at first, but over time he gets stronger, and stronger, and stronger. Not to mention all the loot he finds in the dungeon--his Trinket / Mantle for example. Fastforward a long period of time, and MG has escaped the dungeon and begins his quest for Revenge.

      You know how there are 10 story quests in the game for each character? 4 of those woulod be dedicated to 4 supposed friends. One explaining how MG was perfect back on earth, and how it caused his friends to envy him--and eventually backstab him. One quest would describe not the character in detail, but the result of MG's revenge against that character.

      Once his revenge is completed, he finds out then that the Goddess and Demon King only summoned them for entertainment. Enraged, he fights and defeats them both. With absolutely nothing left to do in this world, he gives up.
      Sitting alone on the demon kings throne.

      However, its then that the final quest depicts Developer K showing up infront of him with the Timegate. With nothing left to do in this world, Magic Gunner / Otherworld Gunner enters the Timegate.

      original basic trinket demonstration:

      see my thread in the art forums for unused assets
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        HERO NAME:




        Entry by:
        Hero Name: End of Era
        Class: Melee (Unique)
        Weapon: Two-Handed Greatsword

        Full official artworks can be found here:

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          Reserving an entry!~


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            I'll take this spot
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              Hero Name: General Kong*


              Weapon: Fists of Kong (implemented as 2 full length gauntlets)
              Armor: Kong's Hide (implemented as a gorilla suit)
              Helmet: Kong's Grimace (implemented as the head of a gorilla)
              Trinket: General's Jacket (Somewhat*like a military jacket, but with the sleeves ripped off and worn as a cape)



              Kong's basic attacks*consist of*a 4-punch string: Kong swings with a left punch, then a right punch, a left punch, and then a right uppercut. The third punch causes a stun and slow faint, and the 4th punch launches up. The basics can be looped twice as the target is falling from the first basic attack loop. Upon looping through the


              One day, they came.

              Strange beasts unlike anyone had seen before suddenly invaded the world and caused chaos.
              Terrible sea monsters, fearsome sky beasts, and horrible wild creatures terrorized the landscape.
              After Shinihon was the first country to suffer the attacks of the beasts, they were called "kaiju."
              The governments of the world deployed their biggest, baddest weapons in vain,
              for these kaiju were not affected by such weak devices. In a last ditch effort to fight back
              against the kaiju, they called a legendary pilot and war general,
              Oyanda Djembue, out of retirement.

              He is better known to his men and comrades as "General Kong".

              *insert story here*


              After defeating Modugu the Great Ape, the government set to work on analyzing its body,
              trying to find weaknesses and secrets about the powers of the kaiju. After several months they
              devised a special serum and gene therapy treatment that would give normal men the power,
              size, and strength of a kaiju. General Kong was invited to the first classified test of the
              kaiju treatment


              Weapon Skill - Skysc****r Jump - gather people in an area and shoot them up to the sky on a
              skysc****r ledge, then grab them and plunge them down to the ground.
              (deals massive drop dmg)

              Armor Skill -*Primal Rage - Beat upon your chest and unleash your fury.
              large dmg increase. passive. 99 charge, 33 charge per use.

              Helmet Skill -

              Trinket Skill - Aeroplane Assault - Summon a fleet of fast flying airplane drones. Drones seek
              out players and fire bullets or missiles. Drones spilt up in up to 3 fleets,
              but may break away to chase players. Trinket will summon up to 12 drones.

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                I hope Special Forces comes out soon...


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                  Hero Details

                  Hero Name: Nomad : Nomad is a melee hero who specializes in limiting his opponent's abilities to fight.
                  Class: Melee
                  Weapon: Left Hand - Khopesh ; Right Hand - Unoccupied
                  Helmet: Hooded Scarf
                  Armor: Nomad Outfit
                  Trinket: Waterskin


                  Effects - Nomad has a passive gauge of 2 that can be utilized in various ways. Nomad has a single jump as well as a high jump initiated with a [Hold Jump] key press, but does not have a double jump.

                  Ground Attacks -Nomad's basic [Attack] string is a 6 attack combo, resulting in 6 hits each swinging out in different directions. If the final slash hits the opponent the result is a faint as well as the bleed effect. These attacks do light amounts of damage, but are swift. Each attack in the string can be replaced with a [Half-Hold Attack] key press. These attacks take an extra moment to wind up but a hit will deal more damage than the faster basic attacks. If the final slash hits the opponent the result is a faint as well as a longer bleed effect than the basic slash's version. Each attack in the string can also be replaced with a [Hold Attack] key press. The result is an even slower attack with a guardbreaking effect. These attacks deal far more damage than a swift attack. If the final slash hits the opponent the result is a faint as well as a much longer bleed effect than the basic slash's version. All 6 attacks can be canceled with a [Jump] key press. The first attack of each of these string types can lift fainted players.

                  At any point during these attacks the [Block] key can be pressed to perform a swift strike that slashes straight through opponents, landing you on the other side of them. If the opponent is hit the result is a short stun, removed upon being hit again. This attack will deplete the passive gauge by 1 every time it is used and will reset the basic attack string to further a player's combo. This attack can also be performed at the end of the combo, over-riding the faint status with the short stun status.

                  Dash Attacks -Nomad's dash [Attack] string is a 4 attack combo, resulting in 4 hits in various directions. Similarly to the basics a [Half Hold Attack] and [Hold Attack] key press will trigger the same effects. The final hit in any of these attacks will result in tossing the opponent into the air and applying the appropriate bleed status. The [Block] key can also be pressed to slash through the opponent, applying the same effect as mentioned in the Ground Attacks section. The passive gauge will be depleted by 1 with each use. The first attack of each of the attack strings can lift fainted players.

                  Air Attacks -Nomad's basic air [Attack] string is a 3 attack combo, resulting in 3 hits in various directions. There is no [Half Hold Attack] or [Hold Attack] variants for these attacks. When attacking a standing player the first two hits of the string will only provide quick flinches, like most attacks in the game. The third hit will faint the opponent.

                  When Nomad uses the high jump, initiated with a [Hold Jump] key press, the player is given a new set of attacks. The basic [Attack] is a forward slash that can hit a downed player. This results in a small amount of knock-back on the downed player. A [Hold Attack] key press will trigger a special attack. The player launches diagonally towards the ground, facing which ever way they choose. The player does several somersaults while holding the Khopesh over their head resulting in up to 4 hits on anyone caught in the path of the attack. If a player receives all 4 hits from this attack they are given bleed status. When landing Nomad will attack with a forward slash similar to the previously mentioned high jump basic attack. The [Block] key can also be pressed to initiate yet another special attack. The player will fly straight down, slashing at any opponent caught underneath them. The opponent is then tossed into the air. This attack will deplete the passive gauge by 1 with each use.

                  Counters -Nomad has two different counters. A basic counter and a deflect counter. The basic counter attack will have Nomad perform a quick slash attack with the Khopesh that will flinch the opponent. When performing the deflect counter the [Block] key must be pressed a second time. This will have Nomad slash through the opponent resulting in a faint as well as bleed status. This will deplete the passive gauge by 1 with each use.


                  Weapon Skill: Fatal Blow - Prepare to attack by going into a stance then attack with one of two different styles that apply different effects.
                  - Pressing the attack key during the stance will have the player do a short-ranged vertical slash with the sharp side of the khopesh, fainting the opponent and giving them bleed status for 7 seconds.
                  - Pressing the block key during the stance will have the player do a short-ranged horizontal slash with the blunt side of the khopesh, giving the opponent a hard-stun status.

                  Armor Skill: Huntsman - Pull out a hunting bow and take aim at the opponent, firing off an arrow at a vital point. Bleed status, reduced speed, and an inability to swap heroes are applied for 7 seconds.
                  - Cannot swap heroes with the use of Arcane Robe.

                  Helmet Skill: Sandstorm! - Call forth a raging sandstorm, temporarily distorting the opponents view as well as removing their mini-map. Small amounts of Damage Over Time are also applied. Lasts 6 seconds.

                  Trinket Skill: Drink Up - Drink from your water-skin flask, recharging your other skills by a small amount as well as healing 3% of your maximum health. Applies Haste for 6 seconds.

                  - This is a passive with a slow charge rate. A maximum of 2 charges can be held at one point. Charges are removed upon swapping.

                  ---Due to personal things hero renders and icon renders may not happen.---


                  You've been wandering for days now, looking for those forgotten ruins. Is it possible that they've been swallowed by the sands? Your eyes dart over the dunes as you walk while your mind replays the event from a few nights ago. You had met a gypsy who invited you into her tent. She spoke of a friend from the distant past, a friend you had abandoned when you felt he no longer needed you. Not after he got his hands on that lamp. It wasn't long after that he became Sultan and had dismissed you to the back of his head. He had a city to rule after all, so you left him behind to find a new path, your own path.

                  They gypsy spoke softly as you sat there soaking in her words. "He came to me one night many years ago, he had many questions and I had many answers. But his biggest question was of the ruins. You know the ones, I'm sure. He wanted to know what lies within them; what lies beyond them. We all know the stories of those ruins but he insisted on finding out for himself." You do know the stories. The ruins are a cursed place leading to lands far away. A portal resides there that wisps away all those who enter it, never to be seen again. Places of war where people are pitted to fight for the entertainment of one. The one who built those ruins.

                  "There is where you will find him, fighting for his life and the glory of him and his people. Warriors and kings from distant lands, mechanical abominations from a future too far to see, angels and demons from another world, and even the undead. They all reside there, fighting. Do not worry he lives. That genie inside the lamp he carries keeps him alive but it won't last forever. He is in danger as we speak. The Sultan needs you; your friend needs you." The grave look on her face sets in. You stare at her, your sunken eyes taking in every detail of her. She seems familiar but you don't remember why. You realize moments have passed with no words having been said. Getting up you nod to her and take your leave. The memories of that night never stop. They play over and over again.

                  You continue to wander for several more days until you stumble across foreign stonework. Not far ahead you see the ruins through the shifting sands. The more you walk towards the ruins the more the sand shifts to reveal what is there. Several stone columns line a path chiseled with symbols you've never seen. A stairway lies at the end of the columns. Stopping, you think about what you're doing. Should you turn back now before it's too late? Dismissing the thought you press on. At the foot of the stairway you hear something and turn back. A sandstorm approaches from where you came slowly covering your tracks and the ruins behind you. There's no going back now, you think aloud. Nearing the top of the stairs you see a stone archway with small yet distinct markings going from one side to the other. As you get closer you notice an odd short man standing by them, looking rather displeased. "It's about time you showed up." he says to you. Turning around, the odd man steps through the archway of stone and dissipates. You stare at the archway, the sandstorm picking up and closing in on you. It's time to see what lies beyond the rumors. Beyond the ruins. You step inside.

                  Not quite finished with the entry, will update as I have time.
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                    so do we just say something in here?

                    ah, see what happened

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                      good luck, i'm interested what you guys can brew.


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                        IGN: FortuneStalker
                        Class: Special
                        The electronic dance hero Bassline has broken through the time gate with the power of sick beat drops~!

                        Hero Logo: A Music visualizer
                        Hero Name - Bassline

                        Main Weapon – Bass Gauntlet
                        Armor – Amp Armor
                        Helm – Visualizer Headgear
                        Accessory – Visualizer

                        Backstory – After realizing his passion for music he designed a new instrument, the ‘Bass Gauntlet’ that can produce sound as well as images, so he can show the world his new sounds. This Musician has come through the Time Gate to deliver sick Electronic Beats!


                        [Weapon Skill]SD –Bass Cannon 1st Stage(uncharged) – Press D twice for a 2 hit faint, then D once more to fire a cone shaped sound wave at enemies that pushes back standing opponents(Blockable but will push back).
                        SD – Bass Cannon 2nd Stage (Charged) - Press D twice for a 2 hit faint, then D once more to fire a larger cone shaped sound wave at enemies that hits grounded (Unblockable).

                        [Helmet Skill]AD – Beat Drop – Summon a turntable that creates a circular AoE rave party around you that immobilizes enemies and forces them to dance (effect stops when hit), after a few seconds they then get dropped. Teammates inside get added defense.

                        [Armor Skill]ASD – Reverb – (Half Faint, Grounded) Recovery that makes close opponents dance.

                        [Trinket Skill]AS – XLR Connect! – Summon 3 bars of Bassline energy that lift the enemy high, doing drop damage. (Hits grounded and airborne if close enough to the hitboxes)

                        Basics: 4 Hit punches last hit will throw a level that lifts. Can be jump canceled and will lift off stuns and faints.
                        Hold D > (A/S/D) – 3 Bar Passive - (Charging effect while choosing the next key will show the visualizer and music will play)
                        Hold D > D – Uses 1 passive Bar will throw a level upward that lifts standing and grounded opponents.
                        Hold D > S - Uses 2 passive bars will throw out a blast of energy that hits grounded and standing pushing them away.
                        Hold D > A - Uses 3 passive bars will summon a turntable that flinches and damages nearby enemies for a period of time.
                        Dash Hold D – Run up and blast the enemy with sound causing them to recoil. (Blockable).
                        Air Hold D – Bounce an airborne enemy down via sound shockwaves from your shoes. This will combo into more air juggles (similar to staff master).
                        Dash Attack – 2 hits Kick the enemy then blast him with a wave of energy that blows backward.

                        Defensive Properties:
                        Frontal Block
                        3 Hit Counter that stuns the opponent(s) around you with a shockwave.

                        *Every move is blockable unless specified

                        Design(For clarification)
                        Pose: Swiping the air to form visualizers.
                        Head: Headphones and Visualizer Headgear w/ Mic
                        Hair Style: Half Shaven Hair.
                        Body: Long Sleeve sweater with Speakers Imprinted, Long Pants.
                        Shoes: Spike Studded High Tops with Speakers.

                        Pose: Hand up in the air pointing outward
                        Head: Headphones and Visualizer Headgear w/ Mic
                        Hair Style: Half Shaven Hair.
                        Body: Long Sleeve sweater with Speakers Imprinted, Shorts with leggings..
                        Shoes: Spike Studded High top Boots with Speakers.

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                        Special Forces When


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                          Reserved~ may the best creation be made on kls


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                            I wanna join in


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                              `entry reserved`