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    Hero Name: Leeu

    Main weapon:Short bow.

    Off-hand weapon:N/A.

    Hero Backstory:

    Leeu was the most knowledgeable scholar and historian of his small village. He used his extensive knowledge to aid his village in a myriad of ways. Recognizing his great potential, the village elders considered him for a gift that hadn't been passed down in over five decades. Leeu was summoned before the council of elders. Erected in the center of the dimly lit room was a massive statue of a roaring lion, the proud symbol of his village. To the left and right of the statue sat six elders, each said to be well in to their hundreds. Leeu bowed before the statue as the the elder to the immediate right of the statue spoke, "We have taken notice of your usefulness." Another elder chimed in behind the first "You have become a great asset to your people." "I appreciate all your kind words, it is an honor to be speaking to each of the elders directly," Leeu said, humbly.

    "Stand, young one," said a female elder, "You were not brought here to exchange pleasantries." Leeu stood with pride as another elder spoke "She speaks truth, let us continue with purpose." The most physically fit elder stood, slowly walking towards Leeu his hand extended towards him. The elder sat his palm upon Leeu's forehead, as his eyes slowly rolled back in to his skull. Leeu felt a bit of concern for the elder, not sure what was happening. His naturally helpful nature made him want to help the elder, but he found himself stuck in place. Leeu attempted to speak before passing out. Leeu awoke to an image of golden lion, pacing back and forth in front of him.

    Leeu swung his head side to side, trying to grasp the situation before finally locking eyes with the lion. "I see..." The beasts voice rumbled through the enclosed space "You have now been selected." Leeu managed to speak through his utter shock "Selected? I will not act as some kind of tribute dinner for you beast!" With a slight chuckle the large animal spoke once more "Foolish boy, you would not make a very good meal for anything larger than a hyena." Before Leeu could retort the lion spoke once more "You have been selected to take on my essence, and act as a supreme protector for your village, boy." "I have read stories about this," now bowing before the golden beast, "Do you really deem me worthy of such a gift?" The lion slowly walked over to Leeu, his massive body standing proudly over him "The wisest among you has deemed you worthy child!" His mouth opened up as he leapt into the air at Leeu.

    The vision ended abruptly, Leeu awaking feeling born again. All six village elders stood over him, looking satisfied. "The gift of the lion has been bestowed upon you," the villagers spoke in unison "You shall be this villages beacon of light, seeking any dark forces that may seek to bring harm." Leeu stood as proud as the lion, accepting this new responsibility. Leeu took on his new role in stride, quickly becoming renowned for his work in not only his village but surrounding villages as well. Leeu became a symbol for strength, pride and hope in nearly every village he touched.

    Hero Fighting Style:

    Basic Attacks:Five basic attacks, incorporating both kicks and bow strikes. While jumping, Leeu unleashes five rapid bow strikes, ending with a arrow shot.

    Hold D:He shoots a spirit arrow that quickly pulls in his target leaving them spinning and temporarily fainted. Aerial hold D, Leeu lets loose 4 rapid arrows diagonally.

    Inputs:Inputs based on a meter that charges to 100, every input use spends 25 meter. Meter will charge while walking and dashing. Leeu is able to use inputs from his hold D after pulling in his opponents. First input being and upwards strike with golden lion paw, launching the enemy.(Up, Up.) Second input is a lion swipe across the enemy, inflicting a short faint status, crumple faint if the hold D hits.(Right, Down) Third input is a bow strike downwards, bouncing the enemy.(Down, Down)

    Hero Abilities:

    Weapon Skill:(Ground Recovery)Leeu transforms in to his beast form before unleashing a roar, making all enemies nearby cower in fear. In this mode he gains increased speed, damage and quick recovery. This mode lasts for 20-25 seconds.

    Armor Skill:Leeu pulls back his bow string and holds it until fully charged. He lets loose a massive controllable arrow that depletes the gauge of one skill at random from any enemy it touches stunning them in the process.

    Helmet Skill:(Ground recovery, air recovery)Leeu enters the spirit realm, becoming invisible and intangible for 8 seconds until reappearing on the field again. He gains a bit of health back during his time in the spirit realm.

    Trinket Skill:Leeu stabs his dagger in to the ground setting a trap for unsuspecting enemies. When the dagger is touched by the enemy a blinding golden light emits from the dagger and blinds the enemy whilst knocking them back.
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      IGN: -Golbez

      Hero: Hockey Bruiser

      Story: Roughing up others in Hockey was the only thrill he enjoyed in life. The League had no choice other than to ban him for his disregard for Sportsmanship. Luckily, an eager Talent Scout told him of a place where his skills would not be frowned upon, through the Time Gate.

      I wanted a Hero for our contest to represent North America. So I thought, "Why not another Sport Hero?"

      Main Weapon: Hockey Stick

      Armor: Vintage Hockey Gear. (Striped Onesie Uniform with LSNA Logo, Shorts over top, Jason Voorhees styled Goalie mask, and Old Vintage Leather Padding)

      Weapon Skill: Hat Trick - Shoots 3 Pucks that pierce and stun opponents with a 4th Puck that carries Heroes away. Able to aim full 360 direction to shoot.

      Armor Skill: All-out Brawl - Spawns 3 - 4 Clones That seek and grab opponents to deliver 3 punches to the gut and an uppercut.

      Helm Skill: Target Practice - Spawn a Hockey Net Trap stringing up the opponent(s). Up to 5 puck shots aimed at target(s)

      Trinket Skill: Clean Streak - Spawn and Ride a Zamboni that drives around freezing opponents that you run over and leaving a trail of ice that others slide around not stopping till hitting dry land.

      Ok, I don't really have anytime (due to work schedules) to put down neat drawings for you guys.

      I really do want to pitch this part I wanted for this hero to be "Fun" (at least to me.)

      -His Hold D Attack is to wind up a Slap Shot. An attack for those who are Standing, Feinted and on Ground. That when you hit the opponent, they fly forward like a puck, hitting into other opponents (Using them as Pucks)

      -The Slap Shot can be charged WHILE Dashing.

      -Dash Attack is Shoulder Checking, flipping opponents on ground to ready up a Slap Shot.

      Thank you for taking the time to read.

      Like I said earlier, I wanted a hero to represent LSNA.

      Go Team, Go!

      P.S. Yeah. I am Canadian, can't blame me for wanting this hero, eh?


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          Hero Submission (ign: Noelle)

          Name: Spirit’s Chosen

          Short Backstory: The spirits you chose to protect carried you away from danger and into Lost Saga!

          Long Backstory:
          You were the son of one of the most feared raiders in the land. However, unlike your father, your heart was pure and kind; not wishing any harm on others.
          You decide to run away from home as a result of his actions. The first 5 days on the run only ended up with you losing yourself in the vast country.
          Just before the sixth day was about to begin, you wandered and wandered and found yourself standing at the very front of what was, at first glance, a lost garden.
          You decided to step inside. You take a look around and found out you walked into an abandoned temple and decided to investigate.
          Besides the overgrown plants, you found items which tell the story of a darker tale: a raider’s weapon rusted to beyond usability, a number of skeletons covered in plant material, and the torn robes of the priests who lived there.
          As you took the robe in your hands, you hear a voice as if it came from beneath the earth itself. “Child,” it cried, “Save us! Relieve us of our suffering!” You thought you were just hearing things until suddenly you went blind, numb, unconscious, and paralyzed.
          “Child, we are the spirits of the fallen priests here,” another voice called out to you, “We sensed your aura of purity and benevolence. We have chosen you to lead us out from suffering and to make our souls at peace again.”
          You were comatose for what felt like an eternity. While you were in this dead-ish state, the spirits made your body their new temple and home and prevented your body from decaying.
          However one day, the spirits forcibly woke your body from your slumber. “Danger! I sense a very malicious aura near here!” You sat up and saw two men clearing the grass around and took a closer look. You found out they were raiders!
          “What are you doing defiling this holy ground?” You spoke. They turned towards your direction and you fought them head-on. However, it seems like the more you fought, the more dead-ish they became as if they were cursed by an unknown force. More raiders flocked to your position and both you and the spirits overtook them all. All but one.
          You looked at the last enemy that dared approach you. You instantly recognize his steely gaze as your father’s. He quickly drew his pistol and the world instantly faded to white. You were comatose again.
          But you woke up one day into an unfamiliar space. The spirits you desired to protect had protected you from dying. A man in a black afro appeared before you.
          “Hello. I am Developer K!”

          Weapon: A dagger handle with about 1-2 cm of the blade still intact. The blade and the handle however are rusted to beyond any real-world usability.
          Armor: Tattered brown pants, Tattered white shirt, brown belt, belt buckle with the Raider insignia.
          Helmet: A white bandana with a tribal pattern. Wore as a headband.
          Trinket: A worn knife sheath.

          Hold D blue spirit- weapon: fists


          4 hit basics - d d d d:
          First hit- punch with the right arm, input cancellable
          Second hit- punch with the left arm, input cancellable
          Third hit- punch downwards with the right arm, ends in a bounce if the enemy is hit in the air or fainted or a faint if the enemy is on the ground, input cancellable
          Fourth hit- kick the enemy up and automatically jump, not input cancellable

          2 hit dash attack - run d d:

          First hit- hit the enemy with your elbow, input cancellable
          Second hit- hit the enemy with a sweeping low kick, hits grounded, input cancellable

          2 hit air attack - (air) d d:

          First hit- dive kick; works similarly to dokkaebi air attack; input cancellable
          Second hit (if dive kick hits)- tackle the enemy to the ground; input cancellable

          Right -> Right: slide forward similarly to haohmaru’s input (takes 3 gauge; maximum 2x)
          Left -> Left: slide backward similarly to haohmaru’s input (takes 3 gauge; maximum 2x)
          Down -> Right: go directly into the third attack of basics (takes 3 gauge; maximum 2x)
          Down -> Left: go directly into the second attack of basics (takes 3 gauge; maximum 2x)
          Left -> Right: go directly into the second attack of the dash attack (takes 3 gauge; maximum 2x)
          Left -> Down: summon a spiritual projectile to attack the nearest enemy and faints (has pre-rework devil tracking and takes 4 hits to faint an enemy, similar to yumira’s god mode mechanics. This can pick up fainted opponents; takes 3 gauge; maximum 5x)
          Down -> Down (air only): instantly go to ground level (takes 3 gauge; jump cancellable; maximum 1x)

          Hold D mechanics:
          The input gauge fills up similar to how Gwimusa’s gauge fills up at a rate of 3 gauge every 2 seconds. Getting attacked grants you 2 gauge, Any non input attack grants you 2 gauge. Maximum gauge is 44.

          When the gauge is full, you can summon a spiritual giant with the hold D that will automatically attack enemies in his range. There are also different effects depending where you use the hold D:
          Hold D on ground- similar to tao warrior armor but much quicker. Guard breaks
          Hold D in air- similar to leviathan armor’s air use. Guard breaks

          Giant Mechanics:
          The gauge will then deplete at 2 gauge every 3 seconds. Inputs will deplete as normal. The giant’s attacks are slower (similar to 2/3rd’s of earthbreaker’s speed), but every hit guard breaks and don’t recharge gauge. Additionally, the giant will attack while you are blocking or down. Any attack done to the giant will be treated as if the giant has super armor, but all hits will affect you first.

          Giant attacks:
          1st hit- swings his body and punches leftward with his right fist
          2nd hit- swings his body and punches rightward with his left fists
          3rd hit- raises his arms and slams both arms down, hits grounded

          Weapon (SD) - Rising Spirits
          Starting CD: 28

          Summon a circle with Ice mage’s weapon skill effect, but instead of blizzard, has multiple effects
          SD -> D;
          8 spirits over 6 seconds will be summoned to attack any enemy within the circle. They have the exact same attacks as Naked, do not hit people in the air, disappear after 2 hits, and are blockable
          SD -> S;
          Summon a giant spirit that has the exact same mechanics as the hold D giant spirit.
          SD -> A;
          4 spirits over 3 seconds will be summoned to attack any enemy within the circle. They fire up to 5 Left-down projectiles, can hit people in the air, disappear after 1 hit, and are blockable.

          Armor (ASD) - Last Light
          Starting CD: 28

          Teleport to the nearest enemy and deals the difference in HP between you and your enemy as true damage (maximum: 21 %); Half feint recovery.

          Helmet (AS) - Unholy Countdown
          Passive - starts at 0 gauge and ends at 10

          Every 11th hit you do from any attack with any hero or any skill applies the Disable debuff for 0.3 seconds (similar to cannot operate, enemy will be brought to a standing state, cannot move/attack/block or use any skills except for gears like gumiho ears and swap). Resets AS gauge to 0

          Trinket (AS) - Soul Slash
          Starting CD: 15

          Slash with the handle twice. Faints. Refaints. Guard breaks. Has the same hitbox and mechanics as Zhao Yun’s trinket.

          No drawings because if I did i think it would be considered less.
          Once again, ign: Noelle
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            My Entry

            Hero Name - Xakisfer Lahar Utilizes his unique fighting abilities and ray gun to show he shouldn't be taken lightly.
            Main Weapons - Hand to Hand Combat and Silver Fusion(Ray Gun)
            Armor - Cloak/Jacket
            Backstory - Xakisfer had a lot of interest growing up those main things being studying magic and technology. Xakisfer was a very capable fighter because of the dangers of where he used to live, he created his own unique fighting style of breakdancing mixture with martial arts. As soon as Lahar knew his passion he does more and more research about the technology and research soon or later Lahar created his ray gun(Silver Fusion) just from pure interest. Lahar interest went further into Magic the most intriguing topic was the creation of Lazer Gin's cloaks. One day Lahar did some research and found a seller in which he found the cloak of "The Supernova" in The Supernova was bore! ( in Xakisfer"s time technology fanatic don't really believe in magic so the seller didn't know it's capabilties.)
            Q(Trinket) -
            W(Helm) - Disappears in a speed state(Speed Step) and bursts out with the Supernova Aura Explosion
            E(Armor) - (A)- High Jump(Ground and Air) (S) Supernova Aura (Superarmor invulnerability 2 secs) Double tap direction keys( Speed step dash for good distance)
            R(Weapon) - Xakisfer has a passive weapon skill to switch between his hand to hand combat and the usage of "Silver Fusion" in Energy Blasting mode and Gravity Mode

            BBOY FU
            Basic Attack
            Hold D(Flare[dance move] Rotation) picks up grounded (Jump cancelable)
            Basic Dash Attacks(Jump Cancelable
            Dash Hold D( Flying Spider[Dance Move Spider 90 degrees in the air])
            Basic Air Attack
            Air Hold D( Landing Spider)

            Basic Attack
            Hold d(Aim for energy shot)
            Basic Dash Attacks
            Basic Air Attack shots
            Dash Hold D- Ground slide(Jump cancelable)
            Air Hold D(Aim for shot)

            Basic Attack
            Hold d(Aim for gravity effect shots) Slows enemy(grounded) in place. Enemy in the air gravity forced to the ground
            Basic Dash Attacks
            Air hold d(Aim for shots)

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              Originally posted by lsegotist View Post

              this one
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              BIG GUY: SWOONIS


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                  Story & Name:
                  Ash is a mercenary leader who spilled blood for both the Empire and the Rebels in the great war. In his younger years, a simple soldier of the rebellion. In later years, as his priorities shifted... he served the Empire as the king's military commander. The first of his Centaur brethren to reach such high ranks. Enjoying the lavish spoils and perks of the Empire, he eventually grew tired of taking orders and abandon the Empire for freedom and formed his own squad who takes out targets for gold...

                  Weapon Dual chain sickles
                  Armor Light rebellion armor
                  Helmet Commanders helm
                  Trinket Pouch filled with gold

                  Unit Type : Special

                  Rumor has it you can enlist Ash permanently for 18,700 ZP.

                  Dash attack
                  Swing your back side around and buck kick the enemy into the air! (Launcher)

                  Air dash attack
                  Come charging down and feint your enemies!

                  HOLD D -> Release (Aimable)
                  Ash has a 3 bar passive. one use will consume 1 charge. It is a fast attack does 6 hits of light damage and look like this:
                  0:09 to 0:12

                  Message for developers:
                  When Ash's armor is equipped on a Humanoid hero the legs will be hairy.

                  Options when Ash equips any other armor... ( to fix possible complications)
                  1st. only the top portion of the armor is shown when equipped.
                  2nd. Full armor is shown using the front 2 legs and upper human body.


                  W: Head Hunter
                  Deploy a squad of 3 centurian archers that will assist you in battle for 10 seconds! Your comrades will shoot arrows across the screen and hit their targets with skill.

                  Q: Are you for sale?

                  Throw your gold pouch in a targeted area and charm enemies for 5 seconds!

                  (When a character is inflicted with charm status the player losses control. Their hero will temporarily join your team and auto attack your enemies with basic attacks. There is a 10% chance that the charmed hero will use a random skill if it is charged)

                  E: Desert Storm

                  Kick up a desert storm and blind enemies for 8 seconds.
                  (Blind status: The screen will go black except for your character. You cannot see the map or other characters during blind)

                  R: Widow Maker
                  Throw out your chains across a targeted area and bring the enemies together in bondage. Lift them up above your head and smashing your enemies into the ground from one side to next repeatedly!

                  (1-5 hits) Tap the attack key fast to send the centaur power! The higher the hit counter gets the faster you must mash!

                  "Drink, fight, love and get paid!
                  The enemy matters not, you just tell me your target and i'll bring you his head... for a price!"

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                    IGN: Golf

                    Hero name: DJ

                    Backstory: An aspiring DJ stumbles upon the timegate and enters it in hopes of spreading his music to a new and unusual place.

                    Defensive capabilities
                    Counter: DJ has a deflect into a counter attack. The counter attack is a blast that knocksback in a 360 degree radius and pushes the enemy a short distance and half faints them.

                    DJ has 80 passive to work with.
                    Half D: Switch between knocking back and healing teammates
                    Full D(healing): Hold D to heal any nearby teammates. While holding D, you walk slowly and play music from the boombox healing allies nearby. This takes up 2 passive per second.
                    Full D(knockback): Hold D to knockback any enemy in a 360 degree radius. The knock back is a larger distance than the counter attack and also knocks down any enemies around you. Takes up 15 passive.

                    Weapon: Boombox
                    Armor: Sweatshirt hoodie w/ baggy pants and black Gucci slide sandals
                    Helmet: Bucket hat
                    Trinket: Microphone

                    Q: "Hype it up": DJ pulls out the microphone and gives himself and allies a speed boost, attack boost, and super armor(Think Hakumen helm + Kali helm). The speed and attack buff lasts for 10 seconds whereas the super armor only lasts for 5.
                    W: "Feel the rhythm": Passive. Takes 5 seconds to charge up then will heal or lower your teammates cooldowns on their skills for 5 seconds then will need to charge up again. If you are hit while the helm charging up, it will not charge. Press W to switch from healing or lowering skill cooldowns.
                    E: "Back off": A blast that knocks back enemies in a 360 degree radius and stuns them(like a brawler's mark stun) for 2 seconds. This move is a half faint counter and can be used if grounded as well.
                    R: "Turn it up": Turn the volume up high on the boombox and stun enemies in a radius then launch them in the air causing them to take drop damage. (Think about the size of Earth mage's weapon skill and you would be in the center of the circle and anyone in the vicinity would get caught. The stun would be something like Savage Berserker's trinket due to the fact that it causes them to hold onto their ears and shake their head)

                    Sadly, I could not provide pictures.
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