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    I want to understand why they have this new hero or whatever called idol star yet its a wanderer with pink clothes??? or am I wrong >:/ whats the deal ? how Is it different from wanderer? or the destroyer looking new hero ? then theres is a joker kinda looking one with a blue hammer I want to understand these characters better help? thank you )

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    The 'Idol' heroes are based off of actual Korean music groups. The only one I'm familiar with is BTS (Bangtan Boys), which is Idol Boy. Here's a list of all of the idol heroes that have entered the timegate.
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      The Idol Heroes are like an offshoot of Premium heroes, that are yes, based on Korean music groups. BTS (Idol boy), Hong Jin Young (Star Child), and Gfriend (Idol Girls)

      Sadly, the lattermost case is merely just a handful of shameless reskins of existing Heroes commonly seen in the meta, but passive effects are tacked on to them with a random chance of activating. So you get garbage like Robin evo with freezing properties, or Vampire with lifesteal on everything they do, and not just the weapon/default helm.

      Idol Boy and Star Child are much more interesting, with actual unique movesets. Star Child even more so. Idol Boy has this passive where it can mark someone to warp to them... but such tomfoolery is highly allergic to Sapper Mines, or any other hazard you stand with your back to. They always warp behind you, you see.
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