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    Need Tips of Lost Saga Game..

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    Good day there Rakisseiaa!

    Before I begin, I'd like to ask you a few questions; hopefully they'll prove helpful.

    Firstly, what heroes do you use? What aspect of the game are you finding most difficult? And lastly, what is it that you'd like a particular tip on?

    Here's a small list of things that can help you become 'better':

    You should keep in mind the simple fact that, by design, Lost Saga is fundamentally a flawed game that, even by its most elementary design aspects, does not promote a balanced gameplay experience. By no means will you find an end-all, be-all solution to ANY situation you'll come across. Anyway, here are my tips. [Keep close in mind that these tips are to be taken from the perspective of an active, 1 v 1 player; team-play is an entirely different ball game.]

    Basics such as blocking, proper spacing, and counter-picking should not be overlooked. You're going to want to get a good feel for that block button and be able to time the hits from your opponent. Of course, and going back to the fact that Lost Saga at its core isn't new user friendly, doing such a thing will present a difficulty. The game's roster is far too extensive for you to know right off the bat all of the tricks each character you utilize are, what players abuse most from said characters, and how you should properly counter those things.

    Yes, much like learning a foreign tongue, you will by no means be instantly acquainted with the vast score of vocabulary that comprises that language. Likewise, Lost Saga's roster is like learning vocabulary. Sure, not ALL words are used as frequently, but once you become familiar with the most common, you'll find yourself understanding what it is that people most often do.

    Contrariwise to learning a language, there are no set 'rules of grammar', as it were. And what I mean by that is that there exists no formula of blocking, maneuvering, and counter-picking that will secure you a win infallibly---especially since many characters in the game aren't as good as the creme of the meta. Essentially, its a matter of diligence, dedication, and experience. For us players who've been around since the good 'ole days of the OGPlanet Beta, this difficulty is either non-existent or of little consequence. At least for those who've stuck with the game and have gradually gotten use to the newer additions to the cast. You simply have to put the work in; understand the characters that you use, understand what works and what doesn't, the synergy.

    Yes, being adaptable---adaptability that is the fruitage of experience---will mostly be what'll secure you a win. If not a win, then it'll aid you in becoming better at understanding the game. And therein lies the key, my friend: understanding. There's a lot of learning and not all that you learn will immediately mean you'll win.

    'I know why I'm losing.'9

    Doesn't mean you can always prevent it. Remember, Lost Saga is not a balanced game. It just isn't. And that's due to its fundamental design.

    I hope this helps, even if it be a small bit.
    IGN: MorrighanLucifel

    Plan ahead and use discernment; wisdom and humility combined births righteousness.


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      go to boot camp map and read the rules posted on the wall
      master at least 1 hero.
      upgrade stats on any hero you planing on using as soon as you can
      try all gears, to see if one might be more effective with the hero you using
      use recovery gears
      learn to swap combo.
      practice timing on attacks and swaps
      use heroes that complement each other.
      practice like ten min. b4 you join a real battle.
      practice ur combos daily.
      practice ur combos in Crusade.
      join random battles even if the team you on has weaker players
      read patch notes
      make ur own rooms and dont wait for rooms, like all des lazy ppl
      make friends
      dont say stupid, racist, or g@y stuff in yells
      stay away from toxic players
      get a good pet
      buy as many PGC as you can
      get buddies that send clovers
      use clover shop
      learn about the shop and ur items menu

      chapter 1 over
      hope one thing in this list help
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        I read a tip How to form combos.
        Step 1 Buy Hero
        Step 2 Practice skills
        Step 3 Realize cool downs
        Step 4 See which unblockable attacks go together with skills
        Step 5 Compare and Contrast Knockback vs Damage
        Step 6 Analyze stage and perform accordingly (ie. Coliseum vs Work Site)
        Step 7 Increase useful cooldowns with your #11 money pool
        Step 8 Succeed.
        rolling sky