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    Where does a person go after they die? Some say heaven, some say hell. Others say they simply turn to dust, while others believe that they never leave. For the Crimson Transcendent, it makes no difference. Those who have been marked by his master, the high sorcerer Calthzeriun, will be forever extinguished from this world. The few who have heard of him (and have learned not to get on the bad side of Calthzeriun), are not sure whether the Crimson Transcendent himself is alive or not. While his execution and skill are precise to a robotic degree, he appears to occasionally sigh underneath his glowing mask, and many have sensed the burning, raging beast that appears locked in his arm. "The question is", as Calthzeriun once asked a curious observer, "Is the beast locked inside him, or him, inside the beast?"
    IGN: zetix
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