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Gear Design Samples; From Velvet/Zafira

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  • Gear Design Samples; From Velvet/Zafira

    Hi there! You may have already seen me a couple of times in-game before. Or even seen me since OGP by going the name of 'Zafira'. Yes. I still play. I'm not widely known for gear-designs so I'll drop a couple of samples I've done before. I'll try to also see if I still have some very old gear-designs from OGP found on some of my old storages.

    Here's some goodies I want to share!

    Here are also marked quality on how I do them.

    [XO] - Extra Original; High/Great efforts and planned thoughts on designs. Usually a day with extra hours.
    [RO] - Rare Original; Refined efforts and well thought designs. Usually 3hrs - 6hrs tops without breaks.
    [CO] - Common Original; Decent/Average efforts and good thought designs. Usually 1.5hrs to 4hrs without breaks.

    I won't be doing requests as of now. I'll be managing time and lists of schedules if it comes to that. However, I do pay people with ZP if you own/possess rare designs such as one from a good KR GDer.

    [Market Only Designs]:
    [RO]: V-Mech Helm - Silver Noblesse Type

    - Currently (Toned down) now in Market for 1m GP! (Unless someone already bought it otherwise.)

    [Incomplete Designs]:
    [CO]: Wolfgang Operative

    [CO]: ARKS Photon Suit

    [Completed Designs]:
    [CO]: Gallian Pirate S-Trooper (Is 256x256 and will be adjusted to 512x512)

    [RO]: Gold Twin Dragons (Is 256x256 and will be adjusted to 512x512)

    [CO]: Oda Kyubi Robes (Is 256x256 and will be adjusted to 512x512)

    [CO]: Spetznaz Forces Beret

    - Male Version is also available for this.

    Imporant side note; I will not do Arcanist Robes. That armor is too mainstream and has a vast majority of designs, along with Phoenix Wings. Those two are excluded from list on expectations. Anyways, these are all I have to share! Thanks!
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    I'm loving that beret's textures. The dirt was a good touch.
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      wow nice one i love the red one >> Wolfgang Operative <<

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        The Gear Design Samples Look Awesome , thanks for Providing those Links ..........