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Gear Templates with Designable Glows

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  • Gear Templates with Designable Glows

    How many are there in total? Here are the ones I know:
    - Grim Reaper Epic Weapon
    - Space Trooper Epic Weapon
    - Chaos Dahlia Epic Weapon
    - Alpha Helmet? not the yellow line on the top but the eyes kinda.
    - *Space Warden Weapon
    - Not sure Destroyer's (ranged) gears count, but the blue "glowing" parts can be changed to any color.
    Another gear to mention is Ragna's weap, as while you can't adjust the red or any glow, your gear design appears even in scythe form (weapon skill when health is low.)

    Feel free to add to the list.
    * = added later
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    Alpha (Space Warden)'s weapon. Only the bottom half of the glow can be modified. With the right colors, it will blend however.

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