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    Added in Gamewrecka!

    (Version without food notes)

    (Update: Added Gamewrecka)

    Rookie's Sapper I drew in Flash, back in 2015
    (throwing this in here just for good measure

    So, I guess you can call it head cannon, but I like to think of my Sapper as a Loli, a Loli that well--has an interest in making mines, bombs, and the like.

    I like to think that she's also my Engineer , but time skipped x amount of years. She goes from making simple mines and such, to making turrets and mechs when she's older.

    My Sapper from OG Planet LS is her time skipped self, but well with a few changes I'll perhaps get into another day.

    Also, I drew Rookie's Sapper again without asking--hope he doesn't mind!


    Update: Threw in Gamewrecka's Sapper! Y'know, the Sapper with the McDonalds themed GD's I was asking about below, doing exactly as I first had planned. Except, having actually met Gamewrecka, and seeing that his Sapper weapon's GD makes it look like a Burger, well it got me thinking. That thinking eventually lead me to a few silly ideas. Well first off, on the tray's he's carrying, you can see some Fries that look like Pliers. Why Pliers? Well, they're on Sapper armor! I tried thinking of some sort of gimmick for drinks, but I'm drawing blanks.

    So, this also got me thinking that I want to make this a small comic of sorts. Not like a traditional comic with panels, or even a 4 koma style comic--just a series of images that tell a story I guess. Gamewrecka shows up with the McDonalds, everyone gets theirs, opens them, and the mines explode. The armor skill symbol appears above they're heads as they are unnaffected by mines due to the armor, but the food still explodes all over the place. The last image would be everyone glaring at Gamewrecka, while he still has his goofy scumbag smile.

    Simple, but I like the idea of it. Heck, might even like to animate it in Flash one day.


    Oh--Also! Does anyone know a Crazy Sapper main that has like a uh; . . McDonalds themed GD set? I thought it'd be fun to draw him off to the side bringing in some food. I just don't remember who that crazy sapper was.
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    I approve of any fan art for my sapper/engineer
    I hope Special Forces comes out soon...


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      Can't wait to see my McSapper!!!


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        And done! Well, partially anyway! I have yet to color your McSapper yet, but I'll get to it soon hopefully!

        I gotta say though, those GD's are way more high quality than I thought at first glance. It was also fun to draw, and well I might even draw it more if that's fine. I thought up a little silly short comic idea I'd maybe like to get back to some day.


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          I love the idea. I can't wait to see what you make.
          I hope Special Forces comes out soon...