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  • Druids

    Druid should hit NA soon. I kind of became infatuated with the Druid set. Both Design and Skill wise.

    To my knowledge, Druids are Earth / Forest "Mages" that specialize in healing spells. They're also known to turn into various woodland / forest inhabiting animals.

    IO Entertainment decided to go with the latter. Am I mad? Well. . . It's been something like 11 months, and I'm still at least slightly miffed.

    While I'm still not happy that it doesn't have any healing aspects . . . I've since come to embrace the whole animal form thing.

    This thread will house my own original concepts brought about by my (maybe unhealthy?) fascination with Druids.

    I will say this now. While at first I tried to conform to the more well known way Druids are portrayed--I've since abandoned this and will be doing my own take on them.

    Whatever knowledge you may own involving Druids and the like, do leave at the door before you enter.

    Oh also, please don't reply to this thread.

    For the meantime, you can expect art of these two.

    These aren't my only Druids, however. My Unicorn Lancer, Zhuge Liang, Robin Hood, and Earth Breaker are also Druids. EB still has no Gd's, but concepts and sketches. Aleks / King (my Iron Knight) may also get a Druid variant. Oh, and my R-Medic is also one, but she currently does not exist outside of my head. *Staring directed at Z8 and IO intensifies*
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    Things to do:

    Pretty up the original post

    Scan and post all my 'traditional' art / concepts involving m'Druids

    Pretty up this post, as I don't feel like writing a description at the moment.


    Medi (My Druid / Cyber Medic) gets Serious?!