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  • Xexal Seyer's Animation thread

    Uh hi, this thread is for my animations in Adobe Flash. Will include projects outside of LS.

    (Big thanks and shoutout to eskero for explaining how to embed YT videos!)

    I've halted work on this for the time being, but here's an animation of my Destroyer, Sheila.
    -Suggested viewing on YT in Fullscreen with 1080p quality.
    -This and all of my animations are made in Adobe Flash CS6. (Flash is now called Adobe Animate, to my knowledge. Gross.)
    -The (amazing) .swwf to video converter Swivel was used. That thing does wonders. Even I'm taken aback by how good the quality ends up being on YT.

    -This "animation" didn't start off as one. Really--all I was planning on was drawing Sheila in her Powered "form". Powered as in the rare hero that hit KLS not that long ago. I like to think that she, and my other LS characters can / do have other forms / upgrades. Sheila goes from being a Destroyer, to Powered.
    -Though I havn't done anything noteworthy with it yet, I've sort of stringed together a manhwa style story together revolving around my Destroyer, F-Sabre, Heavy Crasher, and Energy Researcher.
    -Fun fact I guess? This character is what got me back into LS! I had quit maybe a month or two into WeMade LS. I still checked up with the game now and again, and what ended up hooking me in for good was when Z8 gave out a hero package. If you logged in on either Christmas eve or day, I don't remember which--you got a hero package! This persuading me to log in, I ended up using it on the newest released hero. Not knowing anything about it, I just chose it on a whim. (I at the time had no real intention to get back into the game) The result? Welllllll. . . . Nearly three years later, and I'm still here. Something just clicked, and it felt right. It felt wonderful. Yeah, I'm bad at the game, I won't deny that. Yet, playing as Sheila feels great. It along with the majority of my heroes make me feel, not complete, but darn near close to it.
    -Sheila recently hit level 70, as of a few days ago. This is a pretty wild milestone for me, as the year and a half I played OGP LS, my highest was in the early 30's. My Exorcist. (lol, I know.)
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    So, this thread is going to feature projects not related to LS as well.

    This Pokemon Sun and Moon animation, for example! (Please note, its still a work in progres

    A few things to note:

    -Like all of the animations that will be featured in this thread, I highly suggest watching them on Youtube, in Fullscreen, with 1080p quality.
    -This animation is pretty basic. It's really just the new male player character from Sun and Moon--reacting to the new Pokemon "Bounsweet" and its evolutions.
    -It goes from being a cute puffball plant, into surprisingly humanoid forms. I was taken aback--and liked these designs so much that well I got the idea to make the animation below.
    -Will probably edit in more information / reorganize this post entirely later. Will also replace the video with further updated versions as progress happens.

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