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    Mods, please delete this thread.
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    Not really one to compliment my fellow artist, but this is pretty top notch. Deserves being bumped over my own recently updated art thread.

    Would dig seeing more heroes like this--Ice mage in particular. I feel the wep skill would look pretty neat in this style.


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      Just a little thing you might wanna change. In your first post, you have the skill loading icons. You did them backwards. They should start grey, THEN be filled with colour, not start full of colour then fill up with grey. A handy representation of our missing heroes! For all your LS background needs!


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        More. Please.

        If you can, magic lancer
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          Originally posted by eskero
          im more focused on the heroes from when the original game was released back in cbt...

          and a question for you zetix (and others who are viewing also), how are my animations? are they choppy, too fast, or maybe just the style... idk... is not that good? some critique would be nice.
          ok, that's fine!

          As for your animations, my critique probably will not be very useful as I have no experience in that area. From an artist's point of view, though, I think your animations are very good, and I think the simplicity is a pro rather than a con. The recovering frames (after the attack) could be a bit more smooth, however.

          Grim or Space trooper would look nice as well.
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            nice pixel works. great job!


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              Very nice, especially those animations!
              Do you plan on animating them in the new style as well?
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