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    sounds nice.


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      That Heavy Crasher is too cute
      Life and death and love and birth
      And peace and war on the planet Earth
      Is there anything that's worth more
      Than peace and love on the planet Earth?


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        Originally posted by Potre View Post
        sounds nice.

        Not quite sure what you mean by this, but thanks I guess?

        Originally posted by Vwrath View Post
        That Heavy Crasher is too cute
        Laela is p cute. Trying to think up ways to differentiate her from Medi (My cyber medic), since they both have the same face and hair style.


        Uh, don't want to double post so I'll just attach what I worked on in this reply.

        Don't know how to embed youtube videos into forum posts, so all I have is a link.

        Trying to turn this into an animated clip / animatic. Most I've been able to get done in something like 1.5 - 2 weeks, so I'm happy just being able to do anything. The animation partially broke ( the drones launching) though. Will have to work on later, as I'm headin' t'dreamland now.

        er, this:


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          wow at the vector wings,sword, fx you have going on your destroyer and the heavy crasher! it looks clean and good coloring too.
          your style reminds me another artist, here are some links:

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