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    Originally posted by GumShoe View Post
    Oh—this one's nice.

    I continue to view this sub-forum, though I may not always post
    Thanks for being an active viewer, feel free to criticize or post anything regarding me or my art.

    Originally posted by Princups View Post
    thank you!
    I haven't really made much LS related art recently.
    I was thinking of making some soon but idk
    It would honestly be nice if you could post something on here, as the art section is so ...dead on these forums, and it would be awesome to view some new eyecandy =).


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      Originally posted by Vxiom View Post
      Didn't get to finish this or add a background due to software crashes, and its been going on for 3 this will be my last major drawing until I can get my system tweaked. Thanks in advance as always, for viewing.

      Hey, what's your IGN? @OP


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        I'm willing to P.M you it ingame or on forums, which do you prefer?


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          Originally posted by Vxiom View Post
          I'm willing to P.M you it ingame or on forums, which do you prefer?


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            OP is updated with the original size image, the below has been cropped and resized.

            Merry Christmas everyone! This image features my TKM in the Santa gears with a Christmas-card like background. A little simple, nonetheless I hope you enjoy!


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              If anyone is interested in black and white doodles, check the OP. Thanks in advance.


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                Instead of remaking the topic, I'm just bumping this one....hope its ok, don't really know if forum rules have changed or not.

                Recently got my tablet back this year so I started picking up on art again (after taking atleast a year break in 2016, due to situations I didnt have time or access to my tablet to make art.

                I recently started drawing again this week, so I hope its ok if I just leave lost saga fan art here (I stopped playing the game around the first unique bingo, but I still like my characters).

                Thanks again for looking in advance. Any reply will motivate me to post even the sketches of my heroes I've kept around but never worked on.

                Edit: Whoops, forgot to mention, image links posted in OP as always~
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                  Instead of posting in OP here is my Robin update (not finished)

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