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    Originally posted by Quilava9900 View Post
    Maybe go our own way on lost saga? instead of following Korean lost saga what about making unique kind of like the other lost sagas? Also if this isn't already happening please fix the bug that happening after the update where we had to redownload it. After that update I now have 1-2 bars. Make up your own game modes, hero's, etc. Events that have costumes!!!!!!!!!! I bugged gm lost about that e -e...make it where it is possible to get a certain hero without money(all the non payers would like this...Maybe) I have a great hero concept as well to hopefully make it to the realm of lost saga, get some commercials going as well so you can bring in more newly players instead of alts. Defiantly please lets go our own way with lost saga!!!...Maybe win rewards too like pris, death match, etc. GET RID OF THE CANNOT OPREATE!. There will be more suggestions cya next time
    As stated by Z8, they are not a development team. We also do not have development rights so we are not able to do these things.
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      Originally posted by [GM]Orbital View Post
      Without further adieu, here are some of our planned additions/changes for Lost Saga in the coming future:

      Upcoming 2017 Plans:

      - More forum events such as Hero Idea Contests with bigger and better rewards including participation rewards.
      Making this as a seperate post so that this can get more exposure (and doesn't get lost in the sea of my last post.)

      With the info I've highlighted from Orbital's OP, does this perhaps mean we'll see a NALS create-a-hero contest? Is it actually finally happening?
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        ...As a player forum moderator I should probably keep my ill opinions of the game in my head, but if there ever was a time to let the voice within burst.. it'd be now. First off, it's amazing that the team is going to try looking into massive issues involving the game and is taking community feedback.

        Server Stability: One problem of NALS has been that lag sense gears and hero abilities have literally been deemed worthless, they are too. Lag sense combos and gears are a gamble and often the more unique of the abilities.. but they don't work. It's a shame because of that, but it is definitely the numero uno of the issues LS has.

        Game instability: Myself and others have noticed there's more technical issues with LS, for instance for my own issues? LS seems to chug after a bit.. the frames drop and the game becomes irresponsive after awhile. Not to mention the game has actually disabled and messed up an app of mine on my windows 8 machine for convenience so it's annoying I have to terminate the process and reboot it every time I'm done with LS. (It's a start menu app btw.) - Crashes and general issues, really.. they need taken more seriously.

        Power Creep needs to STOP!: The charm of LS is the huge roster and selection of various things, in fact it's a beautiful thing. However due to questionable decisions the developers have been making it is frowned upon to do what you want, to do what you feel is fun. Losing is not only punishing but extremely unfun. The only thing people will respond to over and over again is "adapt" but they might as well be saying "assimilate." - In order to hold up in LS unless you have a bad connection or the godliest of reflexes, it requires you to give in to the power creep, the stuff that is unquestionably the strongest and the developers have proven countless times they're just controlling this.. It's upsetting. You can make large amounts of cash without directly selling power and the accessories are probably one of the grossest things to ever go over this game aside from paid reforms (evos).. Oh yeah UNIQUES too. I know you're not the developers and it frustrates me, but at least try to convince them to stop making our version a carbon copy of their cash drone, it clearly isn't working over here!

        The developers need to seriously look at what people are playing the most and think, hm why are they playing that the most? Rather then nerfing the things that people are playing because they like it to force them to give in to the "meta-game", which don't get me wrong.. every game is supposed to have a meta-game but the meta-game is supposed to be a slightly superior way of playing, not straight up God versus Mortal.

        ~ Start nerfing and fine tuning all the stuff that is overused, bring older content back up to snuff and set a line for what "power" should be. Stop trying to make everything gimmicky and frustrating for people on the losing end, losing isn't supposed to be rewarding of course it isn't but it also isn't supposed to be so punishing that you feel helpless and feel as if you have to completely give up what you love to compete.

        ~ This includes gears, I could name a HUGE LIST of legendary gears that are downright worthless now, even default hero gears.

        ~ Passive dependency needs to end, passives are byfar the superior gear type which is just wrong. Actives are only typically used on mules.. how is that not seen as a problem?

        Swapping is a cool feature but it needs to stop being the focus: Kill combos straight up shouldn't exist, they are unfun and ruin the game indefinitely. I know I myself have resorted to using kill combos whenever I play but what dang choice do I have when people do the same to me? This falls in tune with what was said above about fine tuning. Something needs done about it indefinitely.. a combo cap, a delay.. ANYTHING. I know swap combos should be a thing but some swaps and the promotions for them are ridiculous.. especially when a basic feature combo can render someone popping all their escapes and still being killed by said combo because of how easy it is to execute and get off.

        Hackers are legitimately ruining the game: I don't know how they're doing it and I know hackers will always be a problem but... it feels like they're not being punished. Even then some people ally with the hackers simply cause they get to try 'new unreleased stuff' which in all honesty should get them marked as an accomplice. We shouldn't allow people to promote hackers and to encourage their behavior, much like we shouldn't allow them to feel like they have free reign.

        People foreign to the United States territory as well as Canada and Mexico need to leave: This game is localized for North America, anyone in North America should be allowed to play. However we have a huge foreigner infestation of people who don't even try to speak English. There's a policy I was taught to follow when I was on a foreign version of LS, if you keep to yourself and leave the natives alone you're A-OK, well none of them do this. They play alongside us, insult us, etc. Much like the hackers it feels like they won't be banned, ever.

        Encourage the developers to go back and touch up old stages and modes!: It's ridiculous how many modes are so ancient that newer content literally breaks them, even the so popular EXP farm monster dungeon applies here. The devs need encouraged to go back and fine tune these modes much like the rest of the game.. I'm probably asking for too much but it's true.

        Stop letting people sell their accounts and do currency exchanges for ZP: We have a huge scammer problem and it's because of people being able to easily get away with this kind of action. A lot of players freely sell their accounts and then either will hand off an account to another player or scam that player and nothing can really be done. Why is this allowed to begin with, especially when we have a forum rule that strongly discourages these transactions?!

        Events are a mixed bag:
        I personally feel that the more rewarding monthly events are .. better but don't force people to play a mode they don't want to play, that isn't how you bring activity to a mode. Monster dungeon is okay, raid is okay, crusade even is okay.. but don't force people to literally battle for obscene amounts of time. The way you currently do things with the prisoner quests and all? People aren't playing the mode, they're just farming it.. might as well just let people login and collect just by being online in all honesty.

        I think a better call on events are the more interactive ones, tournaments with special rules and guidelines, art, poem, song and gear design contests.. screenshot captions? We can get really creative here! As you guys already know, we mods are here to help you guys out if you need it but I'm tired of the idea of bringing activity to modes just leading to more farming.

        Update the gear chests: The game feels more and more pay2win when a new hero has a gear set that is 'powerful' and yet there's no way to get it except without shelling cash, there's other ways to make money and again I strongly encourage trying to set a line with the developers because power creep got out of control.

        Anyways, lots of gears missing.. keep them and the hero packages updated more often :/


        Now with that wall out of the way...

        - I feel events that reward items based on the event itself are pretty friggin sweet, but I'm also a fan of playing for cosmetics. In reality legendary perm chests, specific legend/gear chests, hero packages and hero slots... I mean there's a lot here.

        - Heroes? Hah. None. I'm more excited for the buff that is regarded as a BOOHOO nerf to my main Kali, as well as the buff to my friend's Daliah main. There's no hero that's like these two and there's so many other heroes that need love like they finally got. (Especially Kali, like good god those nerfs..)

        - I already talked about events, I think in game events should mostly be the pve modes and login time. I think interactive community driven events should be a focus and as myself and the other forum moderators have told you guys plenty, we're here for you if you need help. If we can do anything to lessen the burden on you guys we'll do it!

        And with that, I end off my wall of text. Like I stressed, if you guys need the LS Player Moderator team to help you out in anyway possible, just tell us and we'll gladly do it. I don't want to go against the paperwork I've signed and I believe that if I just say the line of.. We're here for you if you guys need us, we're good to help you out in any way you need us.

        Currently on Medical Leave from LS, please contact another moderator if you need anything.
        IGN: Dawn

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          I have a feeling 2017 is going to be a great year for NALS .

          1. Events rewards: I would say, Premium Gear Boost Tool, like 100-250 dimensional shards and maybe a few GP prices too , would be fun. But so far i would say the current event rewards are pretty good.
          2. Upcoming heroes i'm most excited about is Crow because well idk :P he just looks fun to use.
          3. Kinds of events: Mode battles such as Crown Control, Dwarf Mode and Boss Raid and maybe Power Stone because i don't think i've seen any events that are focused on these specific modes. OOO and also Crusade events, it would be nice to see players going back to Crusade.
          4. The amount of times you can repeat an event would depend on the type of reward that is given. For Example: If the reward is like 50k GP and like a permanent Legendary chest , I would say make it repeatable every week.

          Turn on Auto-Kick for Ladder. In-Game reporting in which Players can report other players to online GMs and the GM can investigate because usually players are just told to send a ticket and most of the time nothing is done about the issue.
          Different types of daily quests,I dont know about everyone else but I would like to have a variety of different Daily Quests because usually it's the same quests over and over again. And lastly an updated Calendar, for example: a calendar that gives different prizes every month, which would allow players to receive different types of rewards every month.

          Thank You Super Moderator Orbital :P
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            IGN: Delano Thoughts on steps moving forward ...

            - In general, what event rewards would you deem worthy enough to play for?
            One thought that came to mind when thinking of lost saga as a whole were...

            A medal event:
            which consisted of playing Lost saga/ staying online to be rewarded with various medals which would help the low level community and the high levels when it comes to gaining stats to keep up with everyone.

            A Gear event:
            Not the average gear, but for gears that are popular among the community and possibly unreleased gears thrown into the mix.This event prize would be given to players depending on how many kills they have gotten in total in prisoner mode, faction and other battle related modes. Ex. 60 kills in prisoner would = like a arsonist robe.

            A event that goes hand in hand with whatever releases:
            What i mean by this is if theirs a new character released or gear have a event that rewards players for killing others with that character or gear. The more kills they get the better the rewards (assists count too for all kill quest mentioned )

            Lastly A event that rewards high rank players for their dedication up until now of playing the game:
            i know lost saga love to invite new players into its game, but we shouldn't forget about the veteran players that put constant money, time, and hours into lost saga. For their hard work they should be rewarded with verious prizes and events of choice (after Consulting them). This event should be a passive event for their constant effort to continue to play lost saga for all this time but also have a event(Passive one ) that rewards lower level players to continue to strive to become higher level Veteran players.

            - What upcoming hero(es) are you most excited for?

            Personally speaking the character i`ve been dying to see get released would be....
            Black spear. looking at this character i loved the concept behind it and i feel it begins something to the table that's slightly underestimated. Black spear in general also takes a slight bit of time to get use to and I personally don't mind taking the time to learn it, so it can be used at its maximum potential.

            In general though i want characters that can constantly change the meta and bring their own unique way of fighting to the table. I really don't mind what gets released as long as the players want it but if anything is to be released it should be characters that challenge the current trend or way of playing in the game. I'm really tired of seeing Strider in Lost saga, i have nothing against the character and if I owned one i would use it myself but a character like strider cant be released without anything else in the game able to firmly keep up with it in the heat of battle. As long as their characters that challenge the standers set at the time for the game i really don't have a problem with what gets released. whether it be mephesto or even WitchDoctor, as long as it bring a new way of playing the game i don't mind what gets released and ultimately it should be the players that REGULARLY play the game/ the Veterans to decide what should come out in Lost Saga next at the time. (so hold like in game polls for COL 1 and up or frequently play lost saga to decide)

            - What kind of events would you like to see return or be introduced? Be it in-game or forum.
            (said some of them at the top of the post)

            returning events?:
            Enchantment Card events: (because its hard to upgrade gears in the regular way without shards being constantly given )
            Exp events <<< is a must
            A event that give the player about 1/4 or even half of the zp they ended up spending in the thing currently released.
            Veteran/ High level tournaments(hosted at reasonable times like 5-9) and low level tournaments to get a general idea of how everyone plays
            Passive kills event: The kills you get everyday will give you various rewards(in most or even all modes) (repeatable quest) / Introduce a new quest that passively rewards players for their total kills in game
            Faction battle event: battling in faction will reward players for supporting the side they deem best fit to win and the end result give much bigger rewards

            Overall mode i would add? :

            if i had to choose a permanent mode I feel worthy to be player on lost saga it would be a story mode for individual characters you choose to play. This mode will give massive exp to the individual characters story you decide to play and give the player a more indent feeling of what the character had to go through to get to where they are today. (multiplayer and solo quest included ).
            So for example if i went to the individual character story mode and i choose Force master, i would play in the place where force master had his story and defeat certain enemies to complete the story for that level and this mode would unlock new quest and story as you leveled up the character every 10 levels. Doing the level 100 story quest would have to be a solo quest where you fight like a final boss or achieve something that has to do with your characters story and the reward for completing this quest would be a special that could be put onto your character even if u already have 6 medals equipped, so it would be a 7th medal that goes over your current medals like a extra slot.(only after reaching a level 100 character this quest would unlock).

            Contest hero event:
            every region of lost saga but NA has a contest character (if i'm not mistaken) so i would love to see what NA would come up with as the next hero to possibly be playable in lost saga

            - Do you prefer events you can spam regularly or daily/weekly/monthly events with more reward?
            honestly speaking i don't really care if i'm able to spam it as long as its a event that encourages me to play the game but if i have to choose one it would be daily.

            Overall i feel lost saga has a lot of penitential as a game as long as you keep the player base in check of what they want, i don't feel it should have taken this long to get a response of what the community wants but hey better late then never. The server lag is also a major issue ...

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              First off, thanks for asking the community on what to do next year.

              My major desires are as such
              - Better server/less lag, gear/attack lag sensitivity
              - Text update
              - More events, preferable not farm-able as not everyone has the time for them, and they don't really engage the players that much.
              - more diverse rewards from said events than just gear chests and shards. I personally am in need of hero slots and gear designers.
              - While the new heroes look interesting, I'm more fascinated with the new reforms
              - More collective stickies? Things like the hero guide index can really help newcomers adjust to the game.

              But what I would want more than all of these is to be able to give ourselves a bit of say in what the developers do to the game. Perhaps a hero contest idea could be turned into an actual hero. This shouldn't be too difficult, seeing as one was developed from Thailand just recently (Warp)

              p.s. Please take more careful looks at the gear design contests. On 2 previous occasions, I entered gear design contest without receiving even a participation award. Now, I know I could have sent a support ticket but that would not change the fact that I could have gotten at least SOME placement in the contest, and the participation rewards were not worth a ticket.
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                Glad to see staff stepping it up! weve been struggling. All these changes sound good, if you can

                we get the 5 bar glitch which is a complete hassle to deal with. fix this and its gold.

                Other than that, bi-weekly tournaments sound amazing. bummer that my other tournament ideas have no purpose now. Guess i saved myself a few hundreds huh! Cheers!


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                  Catching up with hero release...and more

                  You guys have been doing great I have been playing ls since OGP and I have loved this game since the first time I played it but z8 needs to step up there game because there severs are veryyyyy unstable and while I love everyone of these new changes they are making I expect the change in hero release dates while I know you guys cant release hero like after 5week it comes on kls I would like them not to take 1 year because people are getting bored of NALS because lack of updates(Such as events, tournaments, Hero release) but I really hope you guys step up your game and stop slacking.

                  Yours and forever -Chris
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                    Please read this response before posting a comment.


                    Thanks to all the people that have commented on this thread and have made suggestions.

                    We won't be able to answer every single question on the thread but we will try to answer as many questions as we can, so 'bear' with us.

                    For foreign players/ hackers/ account sellers and sharers:
                    We do not allow foreign players (players outside of the NA region) due to latency issues resulting in an unfortunate ban on foreign players. With this said, there are certain imperfections in the system we employ to restrict foreign player access so we encourage the community to report these accounts to help us manage the influx of foreign players.
                    This applies for hackers as well. We take any issues regarding hackers seriously as it compromises the integrity of the game. We are banning all acts of hacking and aiding and abetting such actions.
                    Selling and sharing accounts is not allowed as stated in the terms and conditions on the Z8 Games site. Accounts that have been flagged for said activities will be banned without warning. Anyone who caught attempting to sell their account will also be banned.

                    For ZP and GP trade:
                    ZP and GP trades are not allowed as stated in the terms and conditions on the Z8 Games site. We do not condone such activities and anyone who scams other users will be banned. For the users who have been 'scammed', we do not reimburse for the loses that have occurred as a result of the transaction.

                    For lag/server issues:
                    As these are a larger scale issue, it will take a considerable amount of time for it to see improvements. With this said, we are not discouraging players to stop inquiring for a better server. We are planning to compile all the comments and inquiries regarding server lag and submit it so keep them coming.

                    For user specific issues:
                    As some issues are user specific, there are limitations in what we can fix in game to help resolve those issues. User specific issues may include internet speed or provider, computer specs, programs that hinder the specific user, etc. We will do our best to resolve these issues but please note that there will be restraints.

                    For suggestions involving development (making new modes, heroes, etc):
                    As indicated in another response, Z8 Games is not a development company making any suggestions requiring a developer difficult to implement. We will suggest ideas to the developers to the best of our abilities; however, cannot promise all ideas will be reflected.

                    We will be consistently checking up on the thread to make sure we can host events which reflects the communty.

                    If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions, use the link below for reference:


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                      It's nice to see that more will be done to help Nals become better in more ways than one.
                      In terms of new heroes I have been patiently waiting for sudden attack to come out and it hasn't yet which sucks since I've been looking forward to that hero for a very long time, besides that no other heroes really catch my eye.
                      In terms of events I would love to see events that involve a mode that isn't commonly played (Boss Raid, Dwarf mode, Crown control, Power stone etc.) and in terms of awards I would love events that would allow you to get medal boxes.
                      Tournaments sound great but maybe add a feature to stop players who have already won from participating in up coming Tourneys (for example maybe when one team wins, they are not allowed to participate in the next tourney but the one after it)
                      Please make sure that Nals is only available to people of Canada, the US etc. I'm tired of having to deal with foreigners who somehow get into the game and make playing sometimes unbearable (Mainly because of the lag)
                      I would love to see more active gms on the server so I could speak directly to them about problems instead of always sending a ticket and getting a fairly automated response.
                      In conclusion I'm looking forward to the next year for lostsaga and I hope things will get better.

                      IGN: Cerys


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                        Originally posted by [GM]Orbital View Post
                        User Feedback - let us know your thoughts:
                        - In general, what event rewards would you deem worthy enough to play for?
                        Permanent Rare/Premium/Normal Hero Scrolls, Upgrade Cards, 100% Gear Boost Tool, Soul Stones, Medals,Costume Boxes (like Bunny Set, Zebra, Wedding, etc.), Motions, and Style packages
                        Originally posted by [GM]Orbital View Post
                        - What upcoming hero(es) are you most excited for?
                        Jin Sasinmu, Dark Sith, Predator, Crow, Trap Master, and Surfer
                        Originally posted by [GM]Orbital View Post
                        - What kind of events would you like to see return or be introduced? Be it in-game or forum
                        Bingo, Plaza Boss, and those events that give Dev K coins to get rewards (like perm rare, or a hero package)
                        Originally posted by [GM]Orbital View Post
                        - Do you prefer events you can spam regularly or daily/weekly/monthly events with more reward?
                        Tricky question, but I think daily/weekly/monthly is what we have, so I guess I'll stick with that
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                          "Bear with us" I know this is off topic but I like what you did there


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                            Also another feature i would like added
                            I have sent in a ticket about this about a year ago and i was given the response "We are looking to implement this feature" Fast forward to today and it has yet to happen

                            The feature i am talking about is Hero Ranking!

                            Hero ranking is a feature that is set up on the website. What it does is the same as player ranking except for specific heroes. Example: New hero comes out, Hero A, After a set time, let's say each week, the hero ranking is updated to show who has the highest level of hero A. To be optimistic i would say the top 10 highest lvl Hero A's will be posted on the site but it can be dialed down to top 5, top 3 etc. This system will be set up for every single hero, from iron knight to the many heroes to come. We are the only version without this feature :c

                            It is in high hopes that this system is implemented
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                              Everything sounds nice

                              Of course the one complaint that has been pointed out beyond comprehension, is the simple fact of our server lagging. Granted, we do cover two large countries, opposed to something like Korea's servers, but even the argument seems to be a lost. Players from NALS have been known to hop onto KLS and play with no server lag, even though they both lagged individually. I really hope we could fix the issue soon, as most gears and hero's are unplayable to the point that we never see them in combat. Gears and hero's that would be plenty good like Ragna's trinket (or any grabbing gear for that matter) or hero's that require precise timing on attacks (Nine tails). Other than that, we have general glitches like clipping, being stuck in animations, and so forth. But I can safely say that the ideas you guys are providing doesn't sound half bad at all. So I hope you keep up the good work in the near future!


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                                My Thoughts

                                *I think the above sounds great. i feel like we are currently not treated fairly as we have to spend much more for items in the server (E.g. apporximately $3-4 more for a legendary gear in shop), but at the same time having probably one of the worst servers in the global LS community. Lag is everywhere, yes some of this is caused by the users not having good internet, but even if u have great connection there will still be harsh server lag.
                                -One of the ways LS tries to fix this lag issue is the "cannot operate" which sadly, FAILS! Many time if you are in a room with a lagger, this will not happen to them, and often occurs to others in the room instead. OR it will occur randomly in room when they aren't lagging (most evident in ladder).

                                *I also have thought on the exp events. Yes, it helps motivate people to play, but please do not make it daily, for some following reasons:
                                -Although I am mid-rank and it wouldn't bother me as much. The high-rank players have worked hard and making exp events daily would turn the years of hard work they put in and turn it into a couple months of exp events.
                                -Time zones may not accommodate all. - E.g. It'll be right after ppl get home from work/school, but on the other side of country, ppl may still be at work. OR Will accommodate the latter but then the former would be sleeping.

                                In Conclusion: Please try to Improve Server so that there is Less Lag & Not Daily EXP events

                                P.S. Takuya made a video in past and it is queit good explaining some issues.
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