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    Originally posted by ThreeOuhh View Post
    One huge feedback I would give is to have gear chests updated with everything
    This issue will be rectified in the near future! Thank you for your feedback.


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      Originally posted by MrMidLane View Post
      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Can you make more a more stable server. hero's DO NOT work because of lag. i feel like i waste money and i want to play them. i can speak for anyone. please fix the servers
      i agree. additionally, foreigners need to start getting deported. its pretty much impossible to enjoy a match when u r facing foreigners. i can speak for all when i say, we r sick of "LAG SAGA".


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        1. Hope increase the bags and buy Pal GP in order to enjoy the weapons with us
        2. Is it possible to make a way to send a frequent weapon with me twice to any friends?
        3. Please take the re-KICK game once again
        4-making the UK's special Ranked matches
        5. More important than ever to prevent any hacker access to the game in any way


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          I'm definitely looking forward to Cowboy's evo (I hope it's uber-soon), and Druid did catch my eye especially now that its out (curse my current lack of funds), and while it's not soon on the way, I do look forward to things like Voodoo Shaman.

          One thing has always bugged me about the Keys and their chests; there's too many of the former, and too little of the latter. You know t's bad when you're sitting on well over 100+ Silver Keys. I've always wondered if it were possible to have an exchange system where excess keys could be turned in for Chests/Gold Key/Gold Chests, or at least lower the cost of redeeming essences for them. Also, the Machine Component essence from Secret Factory is still too much of a rarity compared to the others.

          Also the Motion Pickers what one can get during the Weeklys still have that painfully small set of motions that literally everyone has by now.
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            All of this sounds great here's my feedback

            1. A greater emphasis on text correction sounds great! Just make sure while yall are preventing new text mistranslations from making it into the game that you also fix the ones that are prelevant today (If you need i can aid in finding the ones that need correcting)

            2. A hero trial period is perfect to get people informed on if they want a hero or not.

            3. Return of Tournaments: This is a good idea but some players feel that it is pointless if the same people win the tourney constantly. Maybe make it so the people who participated in a tourney recently can't participate in the next 2 tourneys.

            4. More forum events: Excellent. Especially a create a hero contest (Maybe we can get it put into the game ^_^)

            5. More user feedback polls: Very much welcomed. I cannot stress enough how important communication is between GM's and the players. This forum post was a step in the right direction.

            6. More variety in events: Welcomed. While a month event isnt bad there should also be daily events that make the month seem to go by quicker.

            And now to answer your questions

            A. The rewards i would play for are : Gear enchant cards, Megaphones, hero pkgs (although save these for the big events), and monster coins/raid tickets

            B.The heroes i am looking foward to are sadly not in this client yet. That being said when the client update happens i will be looking foward to Uriel, Witch Doctor, Sudden attack, Patriot (probaly the client after next), and especially DFO Gunner

            C. An event i want made to aid in the fight for better text translations is a "Spot the mistranslations event" This is an event where players find every piece of mistranslated text they can find and tickets it. A forum post will be made listing the mistranslations that have be reported/ are known. This event has no end date. Rewards should be highly incentive but not posionous (Maybe a perm hero scroll?)

            D. I prefer spam regualrly events but i feel like the balance is off for the payoff of the event. Recently we had a spam regularly event that was "Play for 1 hour get 3,000gp" this was not profitable for me beause an hour was a long time to play.

            Side note: I really appreciate this post because it allows players to vent. One last thing i want to mention is how Uniques are introduced into the game. On other versions of lost saga Uniques are introduced into the game via grand bingo prize. This allows players that don't have alot of money to spend on the game the opportnuity to still recieve a unique hero. I believe LSNA should adopt this technique for releasing unique heroes
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              Can u please do that?

              please gm
              instead banned forginers players
              please please please make rules for them and dont ban them
              and already have friends didnt do anything wrong
              just because they are forginers they got banned


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                Originally posted by celoaceloace View Post
                please gm
                instead banned forginers players
                please please please make rules for them and dont ban them
                and already have friends didnt do anything wrong
                just because they are forginers they got banned
                This server is for the residents of the US and Canada. They shouldn't be on the server to begin with. With increased foreign population the connectivity of the server grows poorer and causes problems for everyone else. If you want to play Lost Saga you should seek the server meant for your region.
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                  My main hope is that quests will offer better rewards than they do already, and that there will be quests for other modes that don't have them too, such as AI TDM or Classic Mode. An example would be the repeatable quests for Crusade, having rewards that just don't seem worth it when events such as the current ones and the high rewarding Raid and Master Dungeon modes can be done for better rewards.

                  There's the whole thing everyone's worrying about with the servers and the lag making some gear/mercenaries less playable, but there's also some things about certain heroes that make them even less playable. For 2017, I'm hoping that some heroes are changed in ways to make players play as them more often, or rather, for longer than they are. Some just sit in player's slots, waiting to use one skill that'll let them get screen time for just a second, before sitting back down as another merc. is picked. Sure that's fair to say for a move like a dash attack in a swap combo, but just for a skill...


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                    Quote Originally Posted by _D84QC5XB2
                    "i believe you guys are doing a great job with the progression, do not let the people like this guy above me who doesn't seem to understand gaming on a wide scale, the game is fine continue to improve, the game is great i really appreciate what you guys have done for us especially this game, just keep improving. Don't listen to this ****** above "

                    You didnt have to go and be mean to anyone, we can share our opinions, you ass.
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                      Ok why are you trying to ask the players what they want after 98% of them all quit. It's too late for this and you're beating a dead horse.


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                        - In general, what event rewards would you deem worthy enough to play for?

                        GP, Medals, Gear Sealers, Exp, Raid Tickets, Monster Coins, 100 percent skill reset, and Motions/Female

                        - What upcoming hero(es) are you most excited for?

                        Gunner, Trap Master, Witch Doctor Surfer, Idol F Saber ( Probably a big one for the high levels/ People with experience on the game, and R- Cyber Medic, o Yea Sudden Attack

                        - What kind of events would you like to see return or be introduced? Be it in-game or forum.

                        Bingo, Medal Events/Medals in shop, Exp Events everyone loves exp, that gear sealer event was quite good can bring that back, Attack On Dev K that was fun. I wish we would get invited to a hero contest

                        - Do you prefer events you can spam regularly or daily/weekly/monthly events with more reward?

                        I kinda prefer the ones where you can spam regularly but i wouldnt mind a balance of daily/weekly and if your going to make it monthly at least make it good like that last event with the premium hero package or something

                        P.S Sudden Attack Please


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                          Originally posted by [GM]Orbital View Post
                          Without further adieu, here are some of our planned additions/changes for Lost Saga in the coming future:

                          Upcoming 2017 Plans:

                          - Major text update in the works.
                          I'm interested in this. There's SO many text bugs in the game, that it's hard to name them all. From most recent heroes having PLACEHOLDER text in their hero stories (see Energy Researcher for just one example), to opening a hero scroll saying that the hero you got from it just came from a "Michael Capsule", an item that, the last time we saw it, was over a year ago, back when Saint Michael was first released. On top of this, titles are still bugged. They don't show in the title list/character info screen.

                          Oh, and as for one small thing about the text. While I don't particularly fear it, I'd like to mention that censorship of the text would be very disappointing were it to happen. While I know some quest lines for heroes have already had their stories altered, if we could keep any future ones from being changed (and possibly retroactively fix the old ones), that would be spectacular.

                          Originally posted by [GM]Orbital View Post
                          User Feedback - let us know your thoughts:
                          As others have mentioned, there are a bunch of gears missing from the chests. As of right now, the full list of epics that are missing are, all of Magic Lancer's gears, Xiao Long helm/armour/trinket, Demon Thief helm/armour/trinket, Jin Mo-Ri helm/armour/trinket, Project K helm/armour/trinket, Hakumen helm/armour/trinket, all of Kim's gears, Dragon Slayer helm/armour/trinket, Wanderer helm/armour/trinket, Don Quixote helm/armour/trinket, Thunderbird Weapon, Alice helm/armour/trinket, all of Park Il-Pyo's gears, Earthbreaker's weapon, Jack'O'Lantern's weapon, Jumper's weapon, Engineer's weapon, Zeus's weapon, Gangrim's weapon, all of Hades's gears, all of General Yi's gears, all of Energy Researcher's gears, Blade's weapon, Matador's weapon, Jeon Woo Chi's gears, all of Forsaken's gears, Chemical Engineer's weapon, Chain Magician's weapon, Strider's weapon, Apostate's weapon, Mutant's weapon, all of Ganesha's gears, all of Cuchulain's gears, all of Phantomblade's gears and Druid's weapon are missing, and that's only the epic gears.

                          Originally posted by [GM]Orbital View Post
                          This issue will be rectified in the near future! Thank you for your feedback.
                          Hopefully all the above listed gears will be added in then (adding this part here because I saw this post after I made the gear list).

                          While I know some of these are fairly recent, and if you add all brand new gears immediately, the incentive to buy gear packages goes down, perhaps we can come to some sort of agreement? Perhaps you could add the gears of a hero say, about a month after their release? That seems fair. For those who want the gears immediately? Buy the package. For those who are patient and want to test their luck in the chests/buy from people who get it from the chest, they can wait the month.

                          Additionally, we are still missing quite a few styles. Just look at the drop table of the Male Style and Female style gachapons in the store. There's quite a few styles in them that aren't in the shop. Not to mention we still have styles that are locked behind a ZP-only wall, something you were working on fixing, but stopped about halfway through the style list. If at all possible, I'd like to see the remaining styles released and the styles with a ZP-only price given a GP price and perhaps cap the style lvl requirement at 50? When WeMadeUSA was running the game, that was where they'd set the lvl cap.

                          Also, in light of the recent ladder reset, a small suggestion. If someone is banned, please remove them from the ladder list. It's not a good look when a cheater gets to stay on the leaderboards after being banned.

                          Daily mode is still not fixed. As it is, the bonus round where you can pick up stars is missing, and the mode doesn't rotate from prisoner like it's supposed to. As far as I know, I believe the modes are supposed to be Prisoner, Team Deathmatch and Dwarf Mode, however, I'm not 100% sure. Anyone who knows for sure, feel free to correct me if I got it wrong.

                          Costumes, on the surface, don't appear to have been updated since the perm costume chests were added. If you could let us know what costumes are presently in the chests, as well as tell us when you add new ones, that would be very much appreciated.

                          Figure out how to stop resetting weeklies and monthlies twice. It's annoying when the first major update of a month resets the monthlies and weeklies after they've already been reset earlier in the week. This is a large reason why I stopped playing as much, because they kept being reset twice. You used to have it working, where the only reset was the automatic one at the end of the week/month. Try and get it back to that.

                          Originally posted by [GM]Orbital View Post
                          - What upcoming hero(es) are you most excited for?
                          Personally, I'm still waiting on a Special Forces release, if that'll ever actually happen at this point. Apart from him, there aren't any heroes I'm currently interested in.

                          Originally posted by [GM]Orbital View Post
                          - What kind of events would you like to see return or be introduced? Be it in-game or forum.
                          Others have said this before, but events that promote the lesser played modes would be nice. Particularly modes like Dwarf mode. As for a way to avoid them just being farming quests, perhaps lining them up with actual quest lines would work, such as "x number of victories" or "x number of kills." It might help breathe new life into those modes. While still farmable, it could help lower it by making the quest more competitive in nature.

                          Originally posted by [GM]Orbital View Post
                          A BIG thank you again to our loyal mercenaries who've stuck with us through the years and to all those new who a[re joining us for a new adventure! Don't be shy in this thread, we really value everyone's feedback![/B]

                          - Lost Saga Team
                          I thank you for trying to reach out, and I hope you put our suggestions/observations of issues to use.

                          Originally posted by Pixelpants View Post
                          Beyblade Tyson.
                          Oh, honey.
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                            Bye bye 2016, hello 2017

                            - In general, what event rewards would you deem worthy enough to play for?
                            I'm good with just the golden reinforcement anvils, you know the ones where you just put in a gear, use another as a mat, and bam, 100% success.

                            - What upcoming hero(es) are you most excited for?
                            I'm more into shooters and two years ago I was looking forward you guys releasing Sudden Attack and Special Force, especially, but it never happened. At the moment, I REALLY want to buy Predator's Perfect Set!

                            - What kind of events would you like to see return or be introduced? Be it in-game or forum.
                            Any that isn't abusive like "PLAY 100 HOURS FOR 5 PGCs and 5 GOLDEN ANVILS and one HERO STYLE PACKAGE!"

                            - Do you prefer events you can spam regularly or daily/weekly/monthly events with more reward?
                            Depends on the reward, if it's like an event that gives out permanent heroes then yeah, I'm not cool with that. People have got to buy their own stuff. Other events like the current one of "Beat Druid Boss on Master Level" is pretty decent, you can complete it twice a day and the rewards are 2 PGCs and 50k GP a day, that's really cool.

                            - Any other feedback or questions you may have feel free to post below (as long as they are appropriate).
                            You guys should do a spender's reward like NADFO, I spent $50 on that game and got a bunch of cool stuff for just spending. If you guys plan to give out spender rewards (like rare chests, rare hero choosing tickets, gear tickets, rare medals and so on), only gift those who have at least spent $100 on the game and give bigger and greater gifts every time they spend more! That would be totally f***ing sick, I've spent over $500 on this game and would love an enormous gift for us spenders, especially since Christmas is around the corner!
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                              Honestly, in my opinion the most vital aspect of the game you guys should be working on is the population base. We know that the 2 transfers of the game made the population decline heavily. That being said here are some of my opinions that MAY bring the game back to its original status. Increase exp events, atleast 700%-1000% from a specific time that's compatible with school zone times and at the same time spammable to compensate for the lack of exp we're gaining without the events. For things regarding the events that will make actual players play instead of farming is Faction Mode. Players cannot farm faction mode at all and it's the perfect way for people too get the feeling of battling and learning more about the game. I also like the fact you guys are bringing back bi-monthly tournaments, that should also be a good way to bring a good amount of people who like the competitive aspect of the game as well. Another point i'll like to make is Elite, elite is a local in-game tournament that's extremely crucial to player base, since it's already monthly lots of players like to play because of it. Having it shut down right now is making the game some what dead. Including myself, I like the competition that the game has to offer. In addition to that I feel like you guys are doing well with the event rewards but as for the spamming of events daily/weekly/monthly. There should be small event quests like play for 30 minutes get a raid ticket, something equivalent to that. I also love the fact you guys are insuring that there will be a higher frequency of Bingo, Event Shop, Secret Shop, Star Chest, Plaza Attack events. That's a great way to bring back players knowing they can look forward to some major rewards incoming. I love the fact you guys are trying to help out the game and trying to know our thoughts. I hope this will be the jump to a new positive era of Lost Saga.

                              As for your guys' questions.
                              In general, what event rewards would you deem worthy enough to play for? The event rewards should be thing's that new players/high ranked players should both be happy to receive such as GP, Hero Packages, Coupons, and Medal Boxes <<<<< MEDAL BOXES ESPECIALLY PLS.

                              What upcoming hero(es) are you most excited for? Mostly Unique's and some other fun heroes like Gunner, Black Spear, and Jin Sasinmaru.

                              What kind of events would you like to see return or be introduced? Be it in-game or forum. Bingo, Medal Box events, and High EXP events such as 1000%.

                              Do you prefer events you can spam regularly or daily/weekly/monthly events with more reward? I prefer daily events that players can spam so they can earn rewards faster and still be active daily.

                              That was my reply to this thread I will edit it if needed I want your guys' thought on it as well I hope everyone wanted something out of it. Thank you~
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                                Maybe go our own way on lost saga? instead of following Korean lost saga what about making unique kind of like the other lost sagas? Also if this isn't already happening please fix the bug that happening after the update where we had to redownload it. After that update I now have 1-2 bars. Make up your own game modes, hero's, etc. Events that have costumes!!!!!!!!!! I bugged gm lost about that e -e...make it where it is possible to get a certain hero without money(all the non payers would like this...Maybe) I have a great hero concept as well to hopefully make it to the realm of lost saga, get some commercials going as well so you can bring in more newly players instead of alts. Defiantly please lets go our own way with lost saga!!!...Maybe win rewards too like pris, death match, etc. GET RID OF THE CANNOT OPREATE!. There will be more suggestions cya next time

                                q1: Would like to see more costume events!

                                Q2: Jin sasmnu, Trap master, Crow, Gunner, Black spear, BTS, Mephisto, witch doctor, Hong jin-young. :3 and maybe our own heros

                                Q3: Daily pgc like in ogp...that would be cool. Also you know...those costume events o:

                                Q4: prefer daily.

                                Q5: could we create our own stuff ' ~'

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