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Common Solutions to CrossFire Errors

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    Guide for Removing black borders on widescreens.

    While not an error CyberCatUK has come up with another guide which can help you with your graphical settings on your video card.

    Please see his guide here:

    [Former CrossFire Game Manager]
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      Skype issues with Crossfire

      The latest versions of Skype do not appear compatible with Crossfire and XTrap will force it to close upon startup.

      To use Skype with Crossfire, you must use Version 5.1 or lower.

      Here is a download link to Version 5.1

      This link is 100% safe and the installer was personally uploaded by me after downloading from the official website several months ago.
      For the skeptical, heres a virus scan


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        Zombie Mode Crashing ('Send Error Report' problem)

        If you have Shadows enabled by editing your config file then you may have issues playing Cross Fire Zombie Mode. A window may pop up saying "Send Error Report".

        In order to solve this you will have to do one of the following steps:

        1. Revert the changes in the CF Files.

        2. Delete the system.dat file and run the game again (the game will create a new one with the default options selected).

        3. Uninstall the game completely and reinstall the game.

        For more information on this please check this thread.

        Lastly, please note that Z8Games does not condone the editing of files within the Cross Fire directory. If you experience a game error because of this we may not be able to help you with technical support.

        [Former CrossFire Game Manager]
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