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  • [GAME ERRORS] CF Closed - No errors

    Hello everyone.

    its starting to happen often , before I start the game, or after it is over the game gets closed itself and I find myself at Desktop - No Errors , nothing at all.

    Is it my PC or is there any game bug? Thanks in advance.

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    It could be serveral reasons why the game closed without any errors. The most common solution for this is:

    1) Your anti-virus and firewall is blocking the connection. Please add the CrossFire folder to your exception list.

    2) One or more background programs are conflicting with your CrossFire and forcing it to close. Try to close all background programs before running CF as Admin.

    Try those solutions and let me know if it has worked for you or not.

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      Anti virus real time protection is off and firewall was off but still game got closed.
      And all my background programs are closed.

      I've been playing CF since 2009 & I've had worse PC's , but this kind of problems started only over the last weeks.


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        Your hardware config, antivirus & firewall program ? and windows version ?

        Other tips :

        1. Even you turn off antivirus and firewall - some of them keep bloking programms they consider suspect (as the avira free antivirus - worse free antivirus ) - so add your crossfire location to antivirus and firewall exception, restart PC to be sure will take effect
        2. Use advanced system care 10 (from IoBit ) - scan and fix lots of windows errors
        3. Update windows and all pc drivers (also you can use driver booster from iobit)
        4. Disable or uninstall any other program you don't need

        Reply what you test and found

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