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permanently blocked (respond)

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  • [ACCOUNT ISSUES] permanently blocked (respond)

    I just wanted to respond to the crap you just said to me [MOD]Jessy*_*
    1- I've seen {GM}kanadian responding to some tickets and as far as i know he's capable of helping me even if the policies would not allow him because i am innocent.
    2- why would i contact the support staff when i got all of my info secured? Normally when you find suspicious behavior of your account, you just go and change your PW. ... i never thought the obsessed who stole my phone would ever look up and try to violated my account as it's been a long while since i have lost it.
    3-Obviously, i did not sign up and invest money in my account to get blocked for life, this policies are harsh and what should have been done is that i get warning by blocking my account for a day or sending me a warning message.
    4-We all know that Cross Fire Support repeatedly sending the same unhelpful messages no matter what your message is about ... the support couldn't help me much when i informed about my stolen data that was saved on my phone (it's an accident, who would lose his phone intentionally?)
    5- i have been honorable solider for almost two years which means i never used any kinds of hacks which means i literally have no reason to use it.
    All i am asking is CF to be flexible with issues and decrease the suspension duration as it was my responsibility losing my data.
    i would wait millions of years to unblock my account because i truly love it.

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    Do not make multiple threads about one issue. Send a ticket, simple as that. Also, please do not talk to my Mod's like that. They are volunteers who give their time to better the community and forums for players like you. Topic closed. I recommend you do not open another about the same issue.

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