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  • [CONNECTION ERRORS] Login problem

    Hello everyone.I am a new member and I have this problem.I installed the game and I tried to login in order to play.I put my ID and my password and then a message appears that says:This service is not available in your region.And then the game .exe is closing.Any ideas?

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    That message means you can't play this version of CrossFire in the country you are in. Which country are you trying to play from? You might be able to play CF EU.
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      IIRC That lock also strictly pertains to the account, not the user. Pre-2012 accounts generally are not region locked. If you somehow have a pre-2012, you won't get that error and you will be able to play on CFNA. Also, just a heads up that account sharing is against the rules. If you borrow a "friend's" pre-2012 account to play and you are caught, just know that a ban (temp or perm) is fair game.
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