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  • Whyyyy

    whyyyyy whyyyyyyy whyyyyyyyyyyyyy is the game still filled with hackers?

    Almost every room I go to there is a hacker or more. No jokes.

    I thought that a game was supposed to be something fun, where you can enjoy what you're doing and all that, but no. It's about leaving a match, and another one, and another one, etc. It's about about putting people in a bad mood. Make people rage and blah blah blah. Nothing being done, from what I can see. Newly created accounts hacking which obv I won't report cuz they can create another account in a sec.

    You're giving us events that require us to play a crazy amount of time while the game is filled with hacks. I literally have been playing these last days because of event, but seems like I'm just gonna farm the rest and go play something else where I can have FUN and ENJOY the game.

    Patch the anti hack, do this do that, try to do something to stop these hackers, for the love of whatever you believe in.


    A very frustrated loyal player.

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