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  • Dragon Blaze Crate


    as you know, we will get 50 dragon blaze crate if we spent 150K zp.

    ( Reward Crate: Dragon Blaze Crate
    Crate Contains: M4A1-XS-Ancient Dragon, Barrett Divine Dragon, Mauser Royal Dragon, Axe Legendary Dragon )

    some people says item win chance depends on which crate do you bought.

    and they say dragon blaze crate's win rate is too high.

    so i spent 150k already and i am waiting those 50 dragon blaze crates.

    what do you guys think about it ? can we win at least 1 item from 50 crates (of course it is about luck but i am asking about win-rate thing)

    ( by the way, barret, mauser and axe would be unbelievable, i really want to get those 3 items from 50 crates. xD )

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    In a previous event, these things were given out, I went to sleep, woke up and checked the list of people who won.

    Mausers, Mausers everywhere. These things have got to have higher win chances, no doubt about it.

    The odds of winning something in 50 Crates should be more than decent.

    Then again, when I spun them, I didn't win of course, heh.

    Basically, just pray and hope that you do win, we can't really make any promises here.
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        If they kept the crate the same as it was.... I give you 99% chance to win at least 1 weapon.
        Friend of mine won 3 with 50 crates (1 duplicate tho) after black Friday, and I won all 4 weapons 3 times...
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          My clanmate bought 200 with the 150zp he spent (so not the 50 event crates) and he didn't win anything lol