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    only come back for the vip preorders lel Kappa


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      I've been playing Crossfire on and off since early 2009 and I keep coming back, because it's my first, first person shooter game and also the only shooter game where I'm actually good at :P Also it really helps the color difference between the BL and GR side are really clear since I'm a little colorblind.

      Anyways the game is still highly active and there is always something to do. Many different modes and constantly events are ongoing.

      This is by far, my favorite game and I will never quit for good!

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        i felt like Crossfire Had a Place in My heart ..Like you know ! when you miss the old days of Raging Quit Cuz of the m12s players ..Heh thses days were hell of a fun !!
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          I left the game for 1 year mmm it was 2015 cuz I insisted on finishing Grand theft auto V missions in 1 year of my life so I left many games included CF and wolf team and back to Cf in Feb 2016 :@
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            Left 'cos of cheats constantly ruining game - stayed away a few months then came back recently but now (in FFA) there are speeders running everywhere and spoiling things again.