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Fall Face-Off - Patch Notes!

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  • Fall Face-Off - Patch Notes!


    DrillShip! Search and Destroy
    Global Risk has invaded a Drillship anchored in a discrete location. Their intention is to collect natural resources in a grand scheme to dispose of Black List once and for all, with brand a new top secret military apparatus. Black List must work fast to detonate a single C4, to terminate their plans.

    [New VIP]

    Desert Eagle-El Dorado
    A specially crafted legendary weapon, equipped with knives for quick melee attacks. Has the ability to shoot in the Akimbo style by holding down left click. It also features a beautiful golden design reminiscent of the mythical chief from whom it takes its name.

    VIP Effects:
    • Double Storm
    • Special Attack
    • Combat Draw
    • +1 Ammo to all Pistols
    • 100% EXP boost for you
    • 20% EXP boost for all Players
    • 10% GP Boost for all Players

    [New Weapon Crates]
    New Glorious Phoenix Crate
    • AK-47-S-Glorious Phoenix
    • M4A1-Glorious Phoenix
    • D.E-Glorious Phoenix

    [Weapon Ticket System]
    Purchase a temporary Weapon Ticket from the item shop, and place it in one of your bags as a primary or secondary item.
    Once in any of your 7 bags or storage, click the weapon selection button to view and select a series of temporary weapons with skins from various crates.

    Rifle Weapon Ticket:
    • AK-12-UBS-Urban
    • G3A3-Silencer-Dual Magazine-Ares
    • AK-47-S-Cherry Blossoms
    • M4A1-S-Lily
    • SCAR Light-Ultimate Goldsmith

    Sniper Weapon Ticket:
    • Savage 110BA-Frost
    • M200 CheyTac
    • Mosin Nagant-St.Georges Ribbon
    • AWM-Blue Sapphire
    • M82A1-Octagon Camo

    Pistol Weapon Ticket:
    • MK.23 SOCOM-Sky
    • Mauser M1896_Hellfire
    • Anaconda-Gold
    • Cop357-Fractal
    • Desert Eagle-Snake

    [New Character]

    Thoth Character
    This character is named after Egyptian god “Thoth”, the god of transitions and boundaries. Thoth appears to be a double-agent from Global Risk who's infiltrated Black List via the Shadow Forces, and they are famous for strategy tactics and agile movement as their god Thoth. *Note that the Character displayed will depend on if you're on Blacklist or GlobalRisk*

    **** Patch Notes ****

    *System Changes *

    * Player Weapon Storage has expanded from 512 items to 712 items*
    * Overall improvements to Map Damage Zones*

    *Bug fixes *

    -Fixed an issue that caused various temporary VIPs to have no assets while in the item preview window
    -Fixed an issue that the Steyr TMP-Dead Eye to have an incorrect display name
    -Fixed an issue that allowed players to penetrate through the Central Road steps on the S&D Map Mexico
    -Fixed an issue that caused the Wacky Summer crate to output an Invalid item information error

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    This is a pretty interesting update, I'm looking forward to trying out the new map.


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      Could have been a better patch though thats literally nothing compared to soem other patches you guys have done
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        Very interesting patch. A new character which has both Male and Female sides.

        I'm quite happy about the storage limit getting increased since a lot of players have been asking for this.

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          Nicee ! Great Patch. , Wondering if the weapon ticket ZP or Gp.


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            Originally posted by ExtazyLazy View Post
            Nicee ! Great Patch. , Wondering if the weapon ticket ZP or Gp.
            Obviously ZP...


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              I want that D.E/m4 phoenix


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                Hmm mp shop ?


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                  an amazing char with a new map what else do we need

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                    Uhh nice patch..well done =)



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                      The patch looks very neat, can't wait to try out tbe new map.


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                        Nice New Char and New Map This's Awesome Really i hope game clear from all Outlaw xD


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                          I wanna try my new Vip but servers still down :3
                          KatFish's Familia Team


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                            "[Weapon Ticket System" hmm sounds like shovel switch but only once would of been cool switch between them anywhere in the map

                            My expectation for this update was MP shop and Crossfire Shop changes but any way decent patch.

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                              yay an Egyptain God ...So happy Can't see how would he look like :3
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