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AK-47 Beast & Fury SALE! Color Sets now Available!

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  • AK-47 Beast & Fury SALE! Color Sets now Available!

    Attention Mercenaries!

    From October 11th - October 24th, check out this limited time deal on the VIP AK-47 Fury & AK-47 Beast!

    Purchase these VIPs for a 40% discount!

    AK-47 Fury
    Original Price: 125,000 ZP
    Sale Price: 75,000 ZP

    AK-47 Beast
    Original Price: 100,000 ZP
    Sale Price: 60,000 ZP

    **This deal is only on until October 24th, don't miss your chance!**


    Be sure to check out the new Color Sets available for the AK-47 Beast and AK-47-Fury VIPs!
    Own these weapons and you will have the option to purchase 2 color sets for only 5,000 ZP each!

    Color Set A

    Color Set B

    Customize 4 main areas of your AK-47 Fury or AK-47 Beast to your own vibrant design!

    **The event sale time-frame does not apply to the color sets. Color sets are 5,000 ZP the sale promotion is only applied to the weapons stated above and not the color sets.**

    --CrossFire Staff

  • #2
    Thought it was a new cup for a sec xd nice deal tho


    • #3
      Vip* .. a7a autocorrect


      • #4
        Not bad!
        I will wait for the same deal for m4
        To AK or to M4, that is the question.


        • #5
          Neat! Now could you make sales for other VIPs too? tyty


          • #6
            This is why i told you guys not to buy the radiant beast.

            Cuz almost all vips will be customizable in the future.

            Didn't expect the color sets to only be available for zp though :/ i hope it's permanent then, i think in cf china u cab buy it for MP too.



            • #7
              I hope the colors are perm ..


              • #8
                So i have to buy the same vip again just for the option to color it? Only brainfreezed people will do it. Sadly they are enough of them outside. #feedthevipkids


                • #9
                  Coolio! Customization is going mainstream!

                  I'll pass on these, but I can't wait to beg people to "PLS VIP COLR PLS" XD
                  IGN: []-SEAL-[]


                  • #10
                    Very cool!



                    • #11
                      It would be a cool thing , if you made the color sets free for the players that own the M4 Radiant.


                      • #12
                        Coooooool colors set

                        SIG made by Px]*Reacher


                        • #13
                          No Iron set yet

                          "Too much agreement kills a chat." Eldridge Cleaver
                          "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." Muhammad Ali


                          • #14
                            Very nice
                            KatFish's Familia Team


                            • #15
                              its amazing

                              HighRankers Team