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Back To School Report Card - September 6 to September 19

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  • I got the event crates except "Color Blaze10 Crates"


    • game is on but i didn't get 10 crates for Physical Education
      what about you guys ?



      • Geography

        In the subject and description for geography I received this message:
        "you have completed 10 games on each CF country"

        followed by an "F" score and a comment stating:
        "seriously, go outside"

        So for completing this section to the highest degree I now get 0 New Years crates, opposed to the 20 I should receive...
        Pretty funny message but why scrap the reward?


        • I am going to close the thread in order to keep the last post visible.

          We have restored all the missing data and awarded all the prizes except for the Color Blaze crates.

          The distribution for the Color Blaze crates is only delayed, we have discovered an issue with it and we will be checking if we can fix it in time or replace it with another crate. We will post the updates here as well.

          Thank you

          CrossFire Team


          • Just as an update: To those users who didn't receive the Color Blaze crates, we have decided to replace them with something else. Next week we will distribute free crate tickets in their place. We figured the best possible option was to let you guys choose which crates you wanted

            For the ribbon, it should now be distributed. Please allow up to 48 hours for it to show on your profile, per usual.

            Any further issues feel free to shoot us a ticket and we will help you out. Thanks for your patience, everyone, we appreciate it!

            ​Sig By [GM]Cinder