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  • Qlux! Recruiting!

    Qlux are looking to recruit members which can play competitively yet also for fun.

    We have our own teamspeak server, which is given out once you have been accepted into the clan,
    everyone speaks english on teamspeak and in clan chat, with most players coming from the Netherlands

    Each person that applies, give a brief explanation about yourself etc, yet each applicant will get checked over before
    being allowed to join!

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    Sent an application.

    - Played for a few years
    - Already know 2 members from the clan
    - Played in many CWs
    - Kinda want to go pro on CF and do proper tournaments but meh
    - Great AWM player
    - Own ZERO ZP weapons ( kinda sad if you ask me )
    - Friendly
    - Speaks English
    - UK ( can play in NA if needed )
    - Own TeamSpeak and an MIC
    - Love to make friends.

    so yeah...
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