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Someone please take me.

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  • Someone please take me.

    I lowkey need some friends since everyone I knew has quitted. I just need a clan or even some kind of team I couldn't care anymore just people who play UK that speak ENGLISH and nice to play with and talk to as being active and maybe enjoy doing clan wars just like me. Just help someone like me out being alone everyday on CF creates depression espically when you try to make friends and all they do is hit you back with " QQ " and " 55555555 " it's scary out there.

    This is just a match I had today and want to show you what I am made of so don't be scared that I may be completely useless cause I am not... I think

    let me just leave a list actually of what im looking for to make sure nothing goes wrong:

    English ( Mostly )
    UK ( Idm NA tho like.. its cool I jump on the servers time to time )
    Teamspeak ( This aint that serious espcially that I don't even speak that much but you know it's nice to have it there for any reasons )

    Just if you want to know, I do play some ZM time to time I aint too bad at it ( I don't own a SINGLE ZM WEAPON ) and GM is something I do time to time ( I AM TERRIBLE AT USING MELEE WEAPONS ) so yeah..

    I think that's all. Thank you.

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    NP Dude !! Count Me

    We can Speak Together on TeamSpeak !!

    Would be my Pleasure !
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    You Can Cry...
    Hell ! ya'll Gonna Be Doing That..
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      welcome to join me too just add me in game
      ign: C4URSELF


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        You should consider joining #BloodShed :3

        They're very active in clan wars~
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          Originally posted by [MOD]Weiwei View Post
          You should consider joining #BloodShed :3

          They're very active in clan wars~
          I got a slight feeling they ain't gonna like me let alone let me in their little clan family lol

          meh i think I may be too old for clans or there not any cool ones anymore that are just.. normal :/
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            Join my clan NICEGUYS we are 89 at this moment , no noobs , and very nice :P , and every day you find some1 new to talk to.