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    I've never been one to bite my tongue even if it were beneficial to me, so I wanted to comment on this situation.

    To the people who enjoy this game // compete at this game // enjoy this community:

    Lay off of HD.

    There is a line between trash talk and verbal assault. When I tell Ayrin he's bad, or when he tweets at me "When's your team gonna be a threat, x0tek?", that's healthy trash talk. When someone 1-taps me, then T-bags me, I laugh and nod. It's funny, and it's fun.

    Pimp, on Saturday, crossed that line. He said things that were more than uncalled for. HD reported him to the GMs. While that is not what I would not have done, it was well within their right to do so. The GMs are here to HELP us, to work with us to expand our scene and this community. When someone goes on an all-out attack on you, you SHOULD report it to them. Everything else is handled on their end.

    Regarding their other DQ win, I'm not sure what happened, but any team that violates the rules, plain and simple, has to suffer the consequences. I've taken round losses due to muzzle flame before, and have gotten round wins due to the same. I don't think minor things like that should necessarily lead to DQs (the GMs should decide on a case-by-case basis, i.e. muzzle flame doesn't impact the game), but that's beside the point. Breaking rules risks consequences.

    However, it honestly doesn't matter what happened. HD is a pub clan trying to join our scene. If they DQ you for breaking some rule, what the heck does that say about you? That some team new to competing understands the rules more than you do? Wow, great look there. If you blow up on them for getting disqualified, and they keep their composure, what does that say about you? Honestly, it's freaking absurd. They, more so than everyone laughing at and attacking them, are displaying maturity, respect, and sportsmanship.

    I can't stand AWMazing sometimes, and certainly not Lightwolf. But do you know what? They aren't bad guys. And even from day 1 of them trying to seriously compete, I've offered my assistance in every way I can. We should, as a community, go out of our way in every capacity to welcome and help new players and new teams. We should want them to suceed. Instead, what happens? They get attacked. "Oh you guys suck", "quit the game", etc. This happens to every new team (GoldX, HeavensDevils, etc.), then we pretend that the game is the reason the community is stagnant.

    @the GMs. to be honest, I don't have a solution for you. I think this community has a ton of potential -- especially as it regards CrossFire 2 in the coming years -- but it's almost impossible for you to expand this part of the game when it seems the entire competitive community is levied against you. I have no problem calling you guys out when I think you can do better, but in this instance I really don't think you're to blame.

    I'm glad you're taking a stricter approach to rules, and I hope it promotes systemic change. Outside of that, I'm not sure what to say aside from have faith that the toxic, vocal few are not representative of the entire community. Most of us do appreciate the work you do, and want to see more of it.

    "If you weren't cheating, then you were 10x better than fam0us ever was."
    "It's actually unfair how good you are at this game."

    I'm x0tek