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[CFCL] Elite League August Week 1 Results + Analysis

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  • [CFCL] Elite League August Week 1 Results + Analysis

    Week 1 Standings

    1- Carbw0w (6 Points) RD +34

    2- STDX (6 Points) RD +22


    3- RuLegends (6 Points) RD +21

    4- Serenity (6 Points) RD +15

    5- Exotic (2 Points)

    6- Playing Ducks (2 Points)

    7- ANIXIA Esports (2 Points)

    8- Getbrikt (2 Points, Match rescheduled vs F3) Could move +/- 3 depending on rescheduled results

    9- Flipside Tactics (0 Points, 2 Matches rescheduled, 1 Forfeit loss) Could move +/- 4 depending on rescheduled results

    10- Timeout (0 Points, 1 match rescheduled) Could move +/- 2 depending on results

    11- Harabas (0 Points)

    12- Rawness (0 Points)


    Overall it was a huge first week for many of our teams! Especially some of the newcomers into Elite!
    I was surprised to see 4 teams start off undefeated, which is a huge way to kick off the month. Carbw0w, STDX, RuLegends, and Serenity now all lead the pack going into week 2, and the round differentials are very close in the hunt for 1st!
    Surprisingly in this week we saw Exotic (July 3rd Place) fall to newcomers in Elite Serenity, who swept all 3 of their games to make a huge statement in Elite. Overall they put forth an incredible first week, against many challenging teams also taking down Rawness and PlayingDucks.
    STDX Also had a great showing. They took down Exotic in a commanding 20-5 score. They also defeated GetBrikt in a 20-14 victory. Along with a FFW over last months runner up F3 (Who were not present due to CFGI obligations) they take the number 2 spot only down in round differential to Carbw0w.
    Serenity was definitely the only team with some unexpected results this week. Taking down Exotic, PlayingDucks, and Rawness was a huge way to make an entrance into Elite and start off strong. Hopefully they continue forward strong, as they definitely have shown their ability to contend for the month 2 title.
    Carbw0w started off the month with a great showing as well. Taking the current number one spot with 3 crushing wins 20-11 over ANIXIA, 20-8 over rawness, and 20-7 over Playing Ducks. This should put a lot of eyes on them as the next NA contender to challenge and potentially stand a chance vs STDX, the reigning champions.
    RuLegends also started with a 3-0, but the real question now is how they will fair against some of the more challenging teams they have coming at them this weekend.

    Teams to beat:
    Pack Leaders - STDX, Carbw0w, Serenity, RuLegends (This group comes down to a lot of key matches that will determine their fate, RuLegends and Serenity will have to hold their feet to the fire for sure in week 2 to remain undefeated)
    On the bubble - F3, Getbrikt, ANIXIA, PD, Exotic (This group all comes down to how they fair vs eachother, and how far F3 can clawback after missing week 1)
    Fighting for survival - Rawness, Timeout, Harabas (Already starting 3-0 puts them at the back of the pack, but far from out of the running, with so many close match ups, a solid week 2 could boost any of the teams back into the fight)

    Key match ups to watch for:
    F3 vs Carbw0w (Could seal STDX fate once again as #1)
    Carbw0w vs STDX (Could ultimately separate the tie between these 2 teams)
    Carbw0w vs GetBrikt (A strong match up that could turn the standings upside down if Getbrikt wins)
    Serenity vs F3 (This match will ultimately decide who leads the EU charge for the title this month)
    RuLegends vs Carbw0w, Serenity, STDX, F3, GetBrikt (RuLegends has a stack of hard matches, but as a reigning semifinalist from CFS, any of the match ups could push them into a top finish)

    Ultimately while other teams are definitely in the running these matches I feel will ultimately create the most standings impacts to alter the rankings for certain teams to have a shot at the title. Over all its an intense hunt for the 2nd month title and I look forward to seeing who comes out guns blazing as the month continues forward this weekend! Thanks for everyone who has tuned in, and I am sure the matches will only getting crazier as we close in on the end of month 2!
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    Thanks bro

    I'm glad you do these, even if I don't necessarily agree with a lot of your points, it's awesome to see the commentary.
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      Originally posted by EX0T1C View Post
      Why do you have us listed as losing to Flipside? We did not, nor did we tie. They no showed, and we are going to try to reschedule.

      hey did you just make those quotes up in ur signature urself or did they come from p1kazz?
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        why no stdx vs f3 rematch


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          Key match ups to watch for:
          F3 vs Carbw0w (Could seal STDX fate once again as #1)

          Is he kidding ;D?

          It's up to STDX , since we couldnt play against them and they got the default win for it. If they dont lose a match against any other team they automatically won the Month .
          They have their fate in their own hands doesnt depend on what others are doing from now on


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            Thanks Zzxq for the analysis!

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              Thanks for the commentaries and wonderful casting Zzxq :3

              I personally thought Serenity and PD (and all other teams playing in UK last weekend) showed great sportsmanship last week. Regardless of the technical issues, they didn't let that affect their gameplay and pushed on until the end.

              Good luck to all teams who are playing today!
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                Really wanted to see STDX vs F3 or at least know the end result ...

                Not cause I wanted to see how strong STDX was but cause I was curious about F3's performance so far ever since CFGI ...
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